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A great bit if purplicious taken from the air by +Alex Lapidus 


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Great mood in this work by +Shawn McClure ...


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Lovely work by +Yasmin Simpson... 
Dedicated to all of you... ♥. Thank you so very much for the most recent adds.
Happy weekend, everybody!

+FloralFriday  #floralfriday   by +Tamara Pruessner 
#colormeweekly   by +Rosie Nixon 
+PurpleCircle  #purplecircle  by +Lynn Langmade, +Craig Szymanski, +Sinead Sam McKeown and +Alexis Coram 
+PixelWorld  #pixelworld  by +Alberto Carreras 
+ColorsOnFriday  by +Karsten Meyer +Britta Rogge
+Macro4All  #macro4all   #macrophotography  


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It's been a while since I've seen a good purple sunset and just had to share :)
Take Me Away
Imagination is everything. 
It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. 

Imagination is more important than knowledge.


~ Einstein

#SeaTuesday  with thanks to +Julia Anna Gospodarou and +Sea Tuesday
#TreeTuesday with thanks to +Christina Lawrie +Shannon S. Myers and +Tree Tuesday
#PurpleCircle, with thanks to +Lynn Langmade +Craig Szymanski +Sinead Sam McKeown +Alexis Coram  and +PurpleCircle
#BreakfastClub with huge thanks to +Gemma Costa and +Breakfast Club
+10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS / #10000photographersaroundtheworld  with thanks to +Robert SKREINER and +Nikola Nikolski
#pixelworld with thanks to +Alberto Carreras and +PixelWorld
#TheMagicOfLight  +The Magic of Light with thanks to +Ray Bilcliff
#LandscapePhotography with thanks to Margaret Tompkins, Carra Riley, paul t beard, Ke Zeng, David Heath Williams and +Landscape Photography
#hqsplandscape with thanks to +Delcour Eric +Ara MO +Rodolfo Seide +Johnny Minor and +HQSP Landscape

#rgwoodpost #amazing #naturephotography +NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY #color #colors #inspiration #canonphotography #canonphotographer #sunsetphotography  

c(')(')_ #spring
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I love the color purple this is beautiful .
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Have you ever seen such a beautiful purple thread? Thanks to +Kerry Murphy for this wonderful gem :)  ~ Lynn
Purple people woot!  I am lovin' this week's theme-within-a-theme, yes I am.

It's not too late to submit your Purple macro.  Add the hashtag #macromonday and +mention the curators: +Kelli Seeger Kim +Jennifer Eden +Kerry Murphy !

In The Fray
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Yummy purpleness from our very own +Lynn Langmade :)
purple swirl

always wondered what paint mixed from rose petals would look like... ;)
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Pretty colours
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A thoughtful and interest post by +Carra Riley :)
This week we had a chance to go to the new Navajo Casino, Twin Arrows, in Flagstaff, Arizona.

What an amazing place, so beautiful and so full of the message of the Native American culture.    This wall represents the 4th tier man had to go through to emerge up through the earth.  

Posted some of the story at +Photos by Carra  and will be sharing more as this really is a place you should visit for the history and beauty of the culture!  

Thought it would be fun to share with +PurpleCircle  and +Alien Abduction Friday 

Thinking about this in a learning situation.... anything we think is different from our own thinking could be considered alien..  Putting this into proper perspective, it does not matter where an idea comes from, below or above it is really nothing to fear but to respect and try and learn from.   How great we are learning from sharing photos of things that represent different ideas!  

#alienabductionfriday   thanks to +Alex Lapidus  +Heiko Mahr  +Karl Geiger  +Karl Geiger Jr +Michele Cornelius  +Jon Beall  +Irene Kato 

#Purplecircle  +Craig Szymanski +Sinead Sam McKeown +Alexis Coram +Lynn Langmade 


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Lovely work by +Megumi Marsh. 
Waikiki Sunset
Have a great weekend everyone! 

To me, this is the happiest place on the earth; where always filled with positive energy.  

This is for my favorite circle; the  #purplecircle  by +Lynn Langmade +Sinead Sam McKeown +Alexis Coram and of course the purple magician +Craig Szymanski 
and for 
#sunsetsaturday  by +Dennis Hoffbuhr 
#dawnonsunday  by +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar +linda stokes +Corey Gibson and +Andrew Caldwell 

#waikiki   #Hawaii   #sunsetphotography  


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Nice series of Magnolias by +John Dusseault... 
the slow reveal part III

the final instalment of the series of magnolia macros.... down to the heart of the matter...

(1st here

#purplecircle  (+Lynn Langmade +Craig Szymanski +Alexis Coram +Sinead Sam McKeown ) +PurpleCircle 
#breakfastclub  (+Gemma Costa ) +Breakfast Club 
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A Lovely #purplecircle   addition :)
Just Purple and drops... ❀

#purplecircle  +PurpleCircle by +Craig Szymanski, +Sinead Sam McKeown, +Lynn Langmade and +Alexis Coram 
#wetwednesday by +Susanne Schweiger , #waterdrops +PixelWorld 


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Lovely purpletastic image!
Sending out happy wishes to +Michael B. Stuart (a bit early) and +Heiko Mahr (a bit late) with hopes for the best of years to come!



#FloralFriday with thanks to +Tamara Pruessner
#BreakfastClub with huge thanks to dear +Gemma Costa and +Breakfast Club
+10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World / #10000photographersaroundtheworld  with thanks to +Robert SKREINER
+Macro4All  #Macro4All with thanks to+Walter Soestbergen and +Shane Williams
#hqspflowers with thanks to +HQSP Flowers +Marina Versaci +Carina Marsh 
#PurpleCircle, with thanks to +Lynn Langmade +Craig Szymanski +Sinead Sam McKeown +Alexis Coram  and +PurpleCircle


#rgwoodpost #naturephotography #macrophotography #flowerphotography #floralphotography
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Thank you so much for the share, my dear friends!
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Dedicated to All Things Purple on G+

Welcome to the #PurpleCircle, the page dedicated to all things Purple on G+, especially photography.

What is the #PurpleCircle?

The #PurpleCircle is first and foremost a circle of the most talented photographers on G+ who also happen to love purple and feature it predominantly in their work. The original promise of the #PurpleCircle was simple: to allow people who love purple to start seeing more purple in their streams. However, while it started out as a photographic enterprise, it now encompasses anything and all things purple. For example, you can share songs, videos, poetry and/or writing dedicated to purple or featuring purple with the #PurpleCircle. In short, it’s a place -- party -- on G+ where those who are passionate about purple can completely “geek out” with others who are just as passionate about it.

Who are we?

The #PurpleCircle was started by four photographers, +lynn langmade,  +Sinead Sam McKeown +Craig Szymanski and +Alexis Coram. It officially began when the talented photographer +Craig Szymanski posted an amazing macro shot of a purple flower. Two other photographers, who are passionate about purple, +Lynn Langmade and +Sinead Sam McKeown, started joking in that thread about how we needed to create a circle so we could start sharing more purple on G+. Pretty soon +Lynn Langmade and +Sinead Sam Mckeown roped in another awesome photographer, +Alexis Coram and so it was that the #PurpleCircle was born. These original four photographers are now known as the #PurplePosse ;)

However, the circle itself is compromised of the best photographic talent on G+. Simply view the circle to see all the awesome, talented photographers who all share a passion for purple.

What can you do with a purple circle?

For starters you can:
1) Circle this page, to see the best of all things purple and to get the latest updates on the #PurpleCircle

2) Add the *official* #PurpleCircle, so you can instantly start seeing more purple in your stream

3) Share this #PurpleCircle so that others can add it and get more purple in their stream

4) Join the circle if you’re a photog who loves purple and features it in your work by asking to be included in the official circle (simply leave a comment on our page requesting to be added. However, just realize that we can only add you to the circle if you actually love purple and feature purple in your work)

5) Recommend other “purple” photogs whom you think would be a great addition to the circle

6) Share photos directly with all the folks in the circle, by tagging your post with #PurpleCircle and including the unofficial “curators” names like +lynn langmade +Sinead Sam McKeown