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Have you ever actually read the description on the follower and shipyard missions?
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Is anyone else tired of Google+ being plagued with votes? 95% of my feed is votes, votes, votes. No original content and even the votes themselves are primitive.

What do you think of a potential 9-mana "Axe Flinger + Commanding Shout + Bouncing Blade" combo when your opponent has no creatures on the board?

I've noticed a certain tendency in Hearthstone matchmaking, at least that's what's been happening to me a lot. For some reason the game tends to match me several times against a certain class in a row. So, for instance, if I face a paladin, I usually face paladins 2-3-4 times in a row before getting matched against some other class. I see this happening a lot, not all the time, but very frequently.

I've made an observation and an assumption and I would like you people to tell me whether or not I am right.
If you're a free-to-play player in Hearthstone (i.e. you haven't spent money on purchasing card packs) you should stay away from ranked games during the first several days after the start of a new season. Because first you're doing fine and having reasonable success and then you hit rank 16-15 and suddenly you're facing all the netdecking people from last season's top ranks with their freeze-mages, hand locks, combo druids, control warriors etc. with all the legendaries and epics and you simply have little to no chance of winning against such decks. This results in sheer frustration after you're matched against deck after deck after deck that you know perfectly well from videos and websites but can do nothing about because you simply don't have all them legendaries and all them epics.
It's either that or I've been having just terrible luck these last 2 days.

Those lucky but great Hearthstone moments...
Opponent plays Ragnaros - Ragnaros hits my Piloted Shredder - a Patient Assassin pops out of the shredder...

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Turn 3 Rag - always good.

So basically this is what has been happening in Ukraine.
>Separatists and Russian army fight Ukrainian army.
>Ukrainian army fights back.
>Western world speaks about the need to stop fighting and negotiate.
>Violence escalates out of proportion.
>Meeting in Minsk is called and the Minsk Treaty is signed.
>Ukrainian army stops fighting, separatists and Russian army continue fighting.
>Western world speaks about the need to stop fighting, honour the Minsk Treaty.
>Violence escalates out of proportion.
>Second meeting in Minsk is called and a new Minsk Treaty is signed.
>Ukrainian army stops fighting, separatists and Russian army continue fighting.
>Western world speaks about the need to stop fighting, honour the Minsk Treaty.
Now, a logical question - what's the point of these negotiations and treaties if the only thing they achieve is giving separatists time to reorganise their forces while simultaneously giving the Russians more time to supply more forces, ammo and armour to the separatists and take back to Russia the bodies of Russian troops eliminated during the battles?

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I think this pack is definitely telling me to go and try make an ogre deck.

Here's a story about WoW being WoW.
Last summer I decided to get the Staff of Immaculate Recovery ( for my priest. I spent 2 months visiting the Black Temple and killing Gurtogg Bloodboil over and over again. I did get the staff in the end, but about 75% of the time I kept getting "this worthless cloth chest thing that I won't ever use" (
Recently I decided that I want to get the recoloured Absolution Regalia set for transmog purposes and I come to find out that "that cloth chest thing" is a part of the set. So I go to the Black Temple once again. Now I've been there twice so far on my quest for the set and guess what dropped off Gurtogg BOTH TIMES I've killed him. That's right, the bloody staff I spent two months grinding for last summer!
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