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Amine Benaichouche
I don't play dice! I'm busy trying to figure out everything.
I don't play dice! I'm busy trying to figure out everything.

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Hello and Welcome. I am a Particle Physicist. I worked at CERN. I have an Algerian Bachelor's degree in Theoretical Physics. I have an Algerian Master's degree in Theoretical Physics and its Belgian equivalent, and a French Master's degree in Subatomic Physics and Astrophysics. I was a PhD student in Particle Physics (Phenomenology) in Algeria for two years and I wasn't interested in the topic and stopped working on it. I am a Science Communicator. A wanna-be Philosopher. In Physics and Cosmology I am interested in Supersymmetry, Quantum Gravity and String Theory. In Philosophy I am interested in Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion and Political Philosophy. I am also interested in Psychoanalysis and Cultural Analysis. 

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Newsflash: I'm an Agnostic who is about to Become a Deist.

I'm an independent researcher. I teach #Mathematics and #PhysicalSciences, I buy food and enough coffee, and the rest of my time is spent on research. I stopped working on #Supersymmetry 5 or 6 months ago, I'm basically working on #Cosmology, #EvolutionaryBiology and #PhilosophyOfScience.
I've discovered a LOT of lies, hidden facts, and misinterpreted evidence in the textbooks.
The #BigBang model and mainstream modern Cosmology need revision. #DarwinianEvolution needs revision. #Darwin and #Dawkins need revision. #Hawking, #Stenger and #Krauss need revision. #Dennett and #Harris need revision. #Nietzsche needs revision. #Postmodernism is already in a big crisis. Atheism as a worldview is debunked in my essays and articles. #NewAtheism movement like Dawkins foundation claim to be associated with "Reason & Science" when as a matter of fact it's not based on science at all and has nothing to do with reason: it's an intellectual suicide. I claim.

#Science #Philosophy #Deism #Agnosticism #Atheism #Naturalism #Materialism #Rationality #Reason #FreeThinking #CriticalThinking 

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Nice job. I love this map! Well done. Watch the short explanatory video.

via +philippe roux

#Mathematics #PureMathematics #AppliedMathematics #MathematicaPhysics #NerdStuff #GeekStuff 
The Map of Mathematics
by physicist Dominic Walliman

"The entire field of mathematics summarised in a single map! This shows how pure mathematics and applied mathematics relate to each other and all of the sub-topics they are made from."

Video explanation:

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You should watch this if you love #QuantumMechanics. Or #Spacetime. Or #information.

Via +Sean Carroll

I don't understand how #Hegel was so optimistic and predicting that humanity is going toward #freedom knowing that he's studied human nature and was surrounded by wretched Europeans' societies. His optimism was transferred to Karl #Marx. I claim that if Marx lived in the 20th or 21st century, his optimism would have gone.
On the other side, in his corner, Arthur #Schopenhauer understood deeply the true nature of humans, people say that his #philosophy was "pessimistic", I'd say it was "realistic". That's why #Nietzsche was influenced by Schopenhauer more than any other philosopher before him. I consider Nietzsche as the fist thinker in the west who combined philosophy with #psychoanalysis and succeeded in unveiling the secrets of humans and showed how to become an over-human.
I'm 100% sure of this statement: Friedrich Nietzsche is the father of modern philosophy but also he is the father of psychoanalysis, not Sigmund #Freud. Freud was inspired by Nietzsche but he failed in understanding his works, so 90% of his conclusions were wrong, it was Jacques #Lacan and Freud's daughter #AnnaFreud who put psychoanalysis on the right path again and set the basics of this field.
By the way, I should mention that I believe that Martin #Heidegger and Bertrand #Russell misunderstood Nietzsche as well.

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Eminem Disses Donald Trump On Big Sean's New Song "No Favors"

It's the second time he's spoken out against the President on wax.
Eminem is genius lyrically, but he's also crazy, he expresses himself and tells it like it is, without watching his mouth. He's very controversial with his homophobic and misogynistic lyrics, but in politics he was always left, and his political opinions are most of the time respected.

The fist time he dissed Trump was on about 8 minutes rap freestyle during the campaign called: "Campaign Speech" []

#Eminem #SlimShady #Shady #Trump #Politics #Culture #HipHop #Rap #BigSean #NoFavors #IDecided 

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Did The Swedish Government Just Epically Troll Donald Trump With This All-Woman Photo?

“Sweden is a feminist government and this is a very important law that we just decided on.”

Even though I think that sometimes the feminist movement harms women in some ways, I think that what Sweden is doing is worth celebrating.

#Feminism #Misogeny #Trump #Sweden #Culture #CulturalAnalysis

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Inspiring Young Generations: Science is Fascinating

Besides my main work as an Independent Researcher, I'm a good Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry High School teacher and a respected Science Communicator, and this is what I'm trying to do, with love, passion and simplicity.

#Science #Physics #WomenInScience #ScienceCommunication #ScienceIsAwesome #ScienceIsFun #ScienceIsCool #CERN

I maintain that all the political systems we have today are nothing but the warty outgrowth of the religious thinking of man.

#PoliticalPhilosophy #Politics #Philosophy #Sociology #Religion #HumanCondition #HumanNature

Trump's cabinet is looking fairly swampy. The Exxon guy as SecState? I don't know who is crazier, him or the Hardee's guy, Puzder. A Labor secretary who likes to screw workers whenever he can and a Secretary of State with the ethics of a meth dealer.

That's probably a little harsh on meth dealers.

We'll see...

#JustSaying #Trump #Politics #USA 
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