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Student, Mommy and Struggling Artist
Student, Mommy and Struggling Artist

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Playing at the Park with a camera
I've been a grump the last couple of months and am doing my best to battle past that and get more 'positivity' into my life.  With that depression comes neglecting of things I love- (don't worry I still take care of my family) but this blog has been neglect...

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Checking in
I have a second google+ account: I mention this because I will be moving my art blog off of the account it is currently on and over to the new account within the next week or two. There are a couple of reasons I'm doing this. #1- I ...

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Fashion Illustration
About a month ago I started to write a post about what had happened to make me fall off the earth- I never finished it; and it has been long enough that I'm not feeling particularly compelled to finish it today.  So I'm going to move on :D suffice it to say...

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Haha- another post about cleaning
So I've been unpacking and sorting our stuff everyday for the past year and a half- I finally feel like I'm making some progress- not that I haven't been but I've not seen a lot of evidence of it. (side note- the pictures i'm using in here reflect more of m...

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Fav Song
One of the catch-up posts I did recently was about a favorite or important band.  I talked about the Moody Blues.  Since I've neglected today's post until just this very second I thought I'd share my absolute favorite Mood Blues song.  Enjoy :D ~Nikkie

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Check in :)
I'm trying to get caught up- it is more difficult then I thought it would be since I've missed practically all of January.  I'm trying to get into a grove where I make time to post every day- it's just hard- as I discovered last year. So for catching up I'm...

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Favorite books?
Tricky… I love JRR Tolkien- and for some reason have never really
found his books that dry.  I love pretty much anything fantasy and have been devouring all of the Brandan Sanderson
books.  My husband finally got me to read
the Wheel of Time.  Of course Chr...

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What band or musician is most important to you?
Probably the Moody Blues- I discovered their music when I
was 12 or so and quickly became obsessed. 
I love the combination of orchestrated and traditional rock band that
they use for a lot of their music.  Also
just the sheer variety within their music. Wh...

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5 places I want to visit
I wonder if the world could count as a place? Let’s see… 1- Italy The architecture and the art there- I’ve always wanted to visit and just explore and draw. 2- France For pretty much the same reasons I want to go to Italy 3- Ireland My heart has always been...
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