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An Ask iJ episode with my sister :)
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how many chains? atwo chaaainnzz!  lolol
She's back!!!! Finally I see you in G+! 
yall girls are idiots :D ...fav answer on this episode was "i like jelly" xD reminds me of my 2 oldest daughters and their silliness together...cuteness as always +Justine Ezarik 
+Jeremy Howard  how many times have i told you son not to call your daddy out like this, my coworkers don't even know i have a son out of wedlock and i would like to keep it on the DL...i was just taking a quick break at work to catch up on some of the ij videos we usually like to watch together when you have your ijustine themed slumber parties...that +Justine Ezarik and here sisters sure are cute and funny, they remind me so much of your sisters.   i know you are upset that i have to work all the time now since we had to move from away from cali because mommy can't work anymore due to her "special episodes" and im sorry she has to stay home with you and granny now while she is still on her "meds" ...i promise i will play catch with you this weekend, or go fishing, and we can work on that tree house/fort that you've been asking me to build with you since you were in high school and we can get uncle bubba and cuz bo-jack to help us if we can ever get them away from the mud bog for a little while...i know i have been so embarrassed by your lack of skills with a hammer and tools and all of your friends' dads still laugh at us because you were politely asked to leave your scout troop for the worst made pinewood derby car, ever! embarrassing but it's all my fault son for not properly teaching you how to work with bout we shoot some video of us fishing and building that fort and you can show me how to upload it to youtube and i want be such a lame get up off your butt and get to work on those job applications.  maybe if you spend less time on the youtube videos of "deep relaxing sounds" of the river and the chirping birds you might be able to get hired, me and mommy still have our fingers crossed.  hey don't forget to clean out granny's dip cup today, you know how she spits that snuff all over the porch when her cup gets full.  be proud that we are hillbillies boy...btw i love you son :]
that a boy, good save son...that's what im talking about, keeping it on the DL...hey don't forget to hide the truck keys from granny, you know how she gets the crazy urge to go skinny dippin when she's lit on uncle bubba's moonshine every afternoon...please son, i don't want to get another call that she's naked and got the truck stuck down at the swamp again.
Bhu Sin
 nice say crazy say what i say ? but i say good
Think of me, think of me fondly
When we've said goodbye
Remember me once in a while
Please promise me, you'll try
Bhu Sin
nice very nice
Mustaches or beards? I looooooooooooooooooooooove you justine :)
can u please do a youtube video about me
Glad to meet you. Nice girl.l am come from Taiwan.Taipei
It's funny how many people try to catch Ijustine's attention because there are no way she could read all of these comments
Hi, Istanbul is a wholesale company that sells hair, these products are not yet fully recognized in your country, can work with you if you wish.
hey ij can u get on your minecraft server, tons of people r there waiting 4 u
Love the chatting. You guys are funny. I guess nothing else to do Ah? But broadcasting your self on the cameras. =)
I love you Justine.........I love you Jenna   : )
@askij what happened to Samantha? I want a pizza!!!!!
you friendship me
be naked in one of your videos
you are a pervert who is a pervert pervert
no she isn't don't listen to justine hunter!
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