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Thank you for the invite.

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Photo submitted by AMPt Member +Christina Nørdam Andersen (Instagram:@cirkeline)

Title: "Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof." Kahlil Gibran

Background: By luck I stumbled upon an art installation in a busy street of Copenhagen. A scented fog penetrated an archway and the fog floated about one meter above the ground and filled the archway, engulfiong those who moved inside it. The artist Yuan Gong use Qi,  which refers to breath, air or steam. Ányway to me, it meant a great if rather wet photo opp above all. I find that mist and fog are always great to photograph due to its surrealistic expression. The happening attracted mostly curious children and my image is of a girl, who wanted to explore what was going on

Editing: As usual I took the pic with the native camera, where the shutter button sometimes is frustrating slow to react. A tip I shared here before is to place your finger on the button and release it when you want to take the pic. I took the pic into VSCO app and applied the b/w filter 2, which is a muted black. I cropped it to accentuate the story I wanted to tell, which this time meant non-square. Thereafter a trip into Snapseed to sharpen the girl's silhouette and adjust contrast and brightness. To make the image fit into the square format on IG, I used Squaready and applied a white border. And that is it.

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I Love Nature, Sun, Smell of Trees, the Grass & the Rain

I dream my painting and then I paint my dream. - Van Gogh

It’s my second favourite quote. When I first read it, I could immediately relate to it. I think that Van Gogh is talking about two kinds of dreams in this quote. The first dream that he mentions is that kind of dreams that we can control or we are aware of , like daydreaming, dreaming of becoming or doing something. The other dream that he mentions is unpredictable, and can’t be controlled; exactly like dreams we dream when are sleeping. - @abaa, Amal

This photo amongst some other beautiful photographs by Amal have now been published in an interview conducted by +Christina Nørdam Andersen. Check out this great article with stunning images at

#wearejuxt #juxt_feature #mobilephotography #photography

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+Christina Nørdam Andersen presents Vlad

As I approached, this character was exiting the alley behind the wrought iron bars in the background. Instantly I knew the moment was very special, full of anxious energy with what I think is a quintessential urban setting. Quickly, I pulled out the phone, launched the app, and captured three frames, this being one of them. - @vladatat, Vlad

Juxt will begin to present Juxters to the community again through the "On The Couch" Series dubbed by @aleesio. Please check out this two part series featuring Christina and Vlad live now on our website at Big thanks for your support #wearejuxt #mobilephotography 

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Vlad presents Christina Nørdam Andersen

The pic ”Within reach” is probably my own favourite photo. I remember that I took it on a day where I was in a positive state of mind and felt that happiness was within reach. Therefore as soon as I saw this scene, the title sprung to mind. I walk pass this scene with the two benches and a tree every day and every day I look to see what has changed and which expression it has that day. It is interesting how it changes during the day when it comes to light and shades and also by season. - +Christina Nørdam Andersen

Juxt will begin to present Juxters to the community again through the "On The Couch" Series dubbed by @aleesio. Please check out this two part series featuring Christina and Vlad live now on our website at

Big thanks for your support

Check out our new site and tell us what you think #wearejuxt #mobilephotography

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Image submitted by AMPt member Brad Puet @bradpuet

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at Seattle's Fremont Summer Solstice Parade 2012

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (SPI), also called Order of Perpetual Indulgence (OPI) in Australia and elsewhere, is a charity, protest, and street performance organization that uses drag and Catholic imagery to call attention to sexual intolerance and satirize issues of gender and morality. Check for the #BeMobile Live write up including photos from 6 other mobile shooters with their stories

Process: Walked in the middle of the street during the parade, took the shot in native camera, edited in Snapseed by turning it into BW, tune image by 10%, and cropped 1:1

#juxt_fsp2012 #fremontsolsticeparade #wearejuxt #theminimals #mobilography #igers_seattle #mobilephotography #streetphotography
AMPt - Advanced Mobile Photography Team -
#mobilephotography #photography #ampteam

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Photo by AMPt member +Hiroaki Fukuda
(IG: hirozzzz)

Title: The City

The shot was taken in midtown Manhattan during my lunch break, which is when I do most of my shooting. Taken with the intent of drawing the viewers’ eyes to the end. The lines on the right helped create a sense of depth as it leads you from the back of the shot to the front.

Taken with iPhone 4 native camera, sharpened with PS Express, cut in Camera+, Snapseed drama at 50% and then applied the grunge filter (1076) with texture strength to zero to help set the mood. I took the pic to Lenslight to add the light at the end, the focal point of the shot. Finally took the pic back to Snapseed for a bit of contrast to offset the lighting a tad.

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Photo by AMPt member +Stephen Higgins
(IG: journeyofnow)

“Most gulls didn’t bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight - how to get from shore to food and back again. For most gulls, it is not flying that matters, but eating. For this gull, through, it was not eating that mattered, but flight.” This was from one of my favorite books, ‘Johnathan Livingston Seagull’ and I think this is fitting for the image.

This shot was taken with Hipstamatic, John S + Blanko Noir. Cropped and straightened in Filterstorm, then sharpened in Photoforge2.

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FEATURE JEDI - Kate Columbia (IG: kc_nycitygirl)

About the Pic:

Title: The cab that got away.

Photo shot with Hipstamatic (John S Lens & BlacKeys Super Grain Film).
Opened in Snapseed. Applied Drama to enhance the clarity of the photo. Save.
Opened in Luminance. Applied Dystopia Filter, adjusted exposure and increased contrast. Save.
Opened in Filterstorm. Applied vignette to edges and cropped. Save.
Opened in Photo Fx. Applied Edge Glow to make the reflections on the street glow, but removed the blur. Sharpened. Applied 15% of the black and white filter called “Aged” to give it a slightly more sepia tone. Save.
Opened in Camera+. Applied thin black frame. Save.
Opened in Squaready. Fit to square format.
Final Save.

About the Artist:

The Sixth Jedi - Kate Columbia (IG: kc_nycitygirl)

Presented by Tony Corcoran (IG: kungfuroll)

The Jedi pillar is here to kick it once again kids and this time we have a real treat for y’all. Come and meet Kate Columbia, whose stellar work will make you wonder why you haven’t crossed paths before. Her eclectic NYC style, shaken and stirred with her hometown Cincinnati roots, is the recipe for a visual pick me up for the soul. Her emotive captions pushes the viewer into her images, kicking up the dirt & grit of what the image says to her. She seeks out the stranger who wears their emotion on their chest, the unique architecture and that NYC soul and captures in the vanishing moment that shot which tells a story. So pull up a stool, order a drink..we’ve got the tab. Cheers!

I’m currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I grew up, but I am thrilled to say I am moving back to New York City, where I have been living for the last three years, on February 1st.

I discovered iPhoneography through my mom’s requests for me to send her photos of New York City. She had lived in New York City in the 1980’s and has missed it since her and my father moved to Virginia around the time when I was born. I started by sending her photos of the easy targets-tourist attractions, landmarks and then progressed to capturing what she described as “the REAL New York.” By this, she meant the architecture, the people and some of the little things, which in the eyes of a seasoned New Yorker are often thought of as the loveliest aspects of the city. I then joined Instagram and realized I was not alone in my fascination with faces of strangers on the street and with my wonderful city, as well as the world abroad and after following slimjazz, takinyerphoto and bradpuet, I decided I wanted to teach myself to enhance these photos which I was capturing as they had. So after purchasing a plethora of apps, I now have a handful of favorites and I think I’m getting the hang of this whole Instagram world.

My style in three words would have to be: Seeking Strangers Emotions. In any particular order really, because after falling in love with iPhoneography, I have found I am constantly seeking - not only for these strangers who’s personal moments I long to capture, but for unique architecture, street art, Central Park in all it’s glory and even my dogs Charlie and Bear.

If my images had a soundtrack it would be: Radiohead: In Rainbows.

It actually often has been this, or Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon, since majority of my shots are taken on the street while I’m listening to my music on my iPhone.

I try my best to adhere to one personal rule in particular when shooting - I like to call it “The Three Shot Rule.” If at all possible, I will always snap a minimum of three photos of my subject - this is especially true when shooting candids on the street - to try my best to ensure a photo which best captures what I was witnessing and isn’t blurry.

The one app I couldn’t live without would have to be Snapseed. Photo Fx is a close second, but I would choose Snapseed because of its great selective adjust feature.

Other apps I commonly use are Photo Fx, Juxtaposer, ScratchCam, Hipstamatic, Diptic, Picture Show, Filterstorm, Luminance and Decim8.

Often, I find it challenging to shoot subjects other than people. I find shooting street photography to be exhilarating, challenging and always inspiring.

I always find inspiration when I’m walking down the street in New York City and see a multitude of varying races and classes of people converging on the same corner. While there are certainly days when I’ll find myself coming home to three hundred or more new photos shot on the street that day, on days that I seem to be feeling particularly inspired, there are honestly very few where I’ll find myself searching for a source of inspiration. I almost always manage to grab twenty five shots a day and typically will only end up using one of them, though I may edit many. Perhaps it’s the city I’m in, as a street photographer who specializes in candid photos, having millions of potential subjects certainly does have its perks, but I feel that for me, inspiration is everywhere, in the faces of everyone I encounter. The real “photoblock” I encounter is strangers on the street who complicate or spoil my shots.

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FEATURE 500 - Photo by Kar Mun Chan (IG: pixbykm)

This week’s F500 focusses on the art of Freestyle.

About the Pic:

I used the iPhone native camera to capture this shot. Some may ask why not use a camera app with faster or continuous burst mode to capture a jump shot? That’s because I wanted to capture Dennis (aka ah_seow on IG) in the highest jump position possible and I find that I have more control over the timing of the shutter on the iPhone with a manual press of the button. Because I shoot so often with my iPhone, I am familar with the delay in shutter lapse of my own iPhone camera and able to compensate for the lapse. This photo was achieved with just 3 jumps from my friend :)

For editing, I used mainly Snapseed, firstly using Drama filter and later adding in Vintage filter. Adjusted the saturation and brightening it, finally I sharpen the image in Snapseed. Next I export it to Iris for watermark and it’s finished. For dramatic shots like this I usually don’t do a lot of editing on my iPhone except to tune the exposure, saturation, sharpness and colour tones.

About the Artist:
(presented by +BP Juxt - IG: bradpuet)

When +Graham Preston (IG: graphampreston) and I were up to choose someone for the “freestyle” category, at just about the same time we said, pixbykm.

Kar Mun Chan is an amazing photographer who hails from such a talented region: Singapore. It’s funny because when I asked her for her inspiration she mentioned Vivian Maier (an infamous street shooter from the ’50s). When I first found her feed on EyeEm, it reminded me of Vivian all the way! She has no formal training. you know what lets let her tell you what she sees when she shoots.

“I’m always looking out for photos opportunity in both mother nature and in human nature. Macro in mother nature is particularly fascinating with her symmetrical form which can be found anywhere; macro photography is also a form of quiet time for me. There’s something therapeutic when I stoop down to ground level and stop breathing to focus on a tiny subject. Sunset is another favourite of mine with her ever changing colours and forms everyday. A romantic at heart, I also love to catch and anticipate journalistic candid shots when shooting wedding and street photos. I love the energy and the raw emotion from shooting weddings. I started streets when I realised that it could stir up the deepest emotion, either by shooting it or by looking at other street shots, to be moved again by life and it’s fragility.”

KM, you are amazing and I am honored to have met you and view your shots. PEACE.
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