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From the photobooth in my pocket

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starting a new video blog!  inaugural episode - Auld Lang Syne!

SEEKING CODE MONKEYS! I need some help w/ unix. at least, I think it's unix. I need to install PEAR on my dreamhost server. I followed the wiki instructions, and it's not working. sadly, my unix (or linix) knowledge is so little, I fear I may do more damage than good trying to troubleshoot this. Will bribe with cash if necessary....

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my phone company (Verizon) is being even lamer than usual.
While there are ways around this fee, I'm kind of sick of this crap. They are already more expensive than everyone else. It's time to start scoping out other options.
Any suggestions for unlimited and cheap & works w/ the android phone?

It's time to updated the look of my website! Who do I know is a web/graphic designer? as someone who codes websites, I would just need a comp PSD. I want to get this started before the new year. email me with samples of your work.

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+Devon Rowland rocks hard. she is a poet with a camera. I <3 her.

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I got to do my first real studio shoot with one of my favorite freaks, +Mab Just Mab! We had way too much fun playing around :)

holy crap! this weekend is Halloween weekend? I have nothing to wear!!!
although, I DO have my costume for the Cheeky Monkey FreakTastic Funtime Halloween Special!, but I don't want to give it away before the show. (PS! did you know there will be a costume contest at the show?!)
I am now accepting suggestions for halloween costumes here:

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eyeball candy for your viewing pleasure:
ever since college, I have kept a clipbook of interesting images that I periodically thumb through for inspiration (costume, makeup, artwork, writing, etc). with the internet, it's been easier to keep them digitally. and easier to share! enjoy! (not all images are worksafe)
ClipBookVol1 | jaladrum
ClipBookVol2 | jaladrum
Clip Book Vol 2 (240)
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Clip Book Vol 2
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