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Tech coaches! Share your best teacher websites! I want to show my teachers some samples... back to school! Yay!

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I am looking for a video to share with middle school students on impact of posting and digital citizenship. I want something that would be connected to them in the impact not just talking losing scholarships, etc. Google classroom students posted right after discussing by the teacher digital citizenship and still didn't receive the message.

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A quick survey about your position.

In our district, we are called Educational Technology Trainers. Our primary role is to train and support teachers with technology integration in the classroom.
-Create online technology training for teachers
-Provide in-person technology training for small and large groups
-Provide one-on-one coaching/training for technology integration in the classroom
-Build and maintain technology support sites on Architeck (our district CMS)
-Provide phone support to teachers and administrators

We are district employees, report to a district administrator, and work with several schools and all district employees on certain initiatives.

I posted a link to the spreadsheet of responses in the comments if you are curious as well.

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This article is about new teaching technology named "Smart Board". In my opinion, Smart Board is a very interesting teaching tool, which can enrich your curriculum by taking a typical lesson and turning it into a fun, more interactive one.
From this articles, I find that the advantages of Smart Boards include: enhancing students’ learning experience, increasing students' interactive activity, easy to use and maintenance, environmentally friendly, and allowing to technology integration. I hope that in the near future, in our country, most schools will adopt Smart Boards as main stream teaching tool.
If I used it in my classroom, I will try my best to integrate it with other technology and enhance the participation degree of my students. for example, when I teach the course of web-page design, I will firstly demonstrate a famous or obtaining prize web page, then let a group of students simultaneous use the Smart Boards to critique this page using the theory knowledge introduced by me. Just as we know, in China, each class has more than 40 students, it is difficult to let all students participate in classroom by traditional teaching methods and teaching tools. If we adopt Smart Boards, I think all students may have the chance to participate in my teaching.

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"Smartboard Lessons, Free Smartboard Lessons, Smartboard Lesson Plans, Smartboard Activities, Free Smart Board Activities" - "Smartboard Lessons, Free Smartboard Lessons, Smartboard Lesson Plans, Smartboard Activities, Free Smart Board Activities"

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Just posted: Training Resource - "I Can" statements for training teachers on Flipgrid

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The classic bingo ice breaker with a 21C edtech twist! Lots of student interaction, and valuable skills hidden in a fun activity for the #firstfivedays

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Looking for curricular connections w/ #Coding & #robotics? Check out this guest post by +Adam Stahl sharing his work with +Sphero in the #science classroom

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I was playing with Google Keep at work and realized it's a great tool for giving students narrative feedback for work in Google Docs. I outline the strategy in this video.

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Super engaging video from ISTE and Flocabulary
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