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Quark is a B2B search engine that links businesses via hashtags on hundreds of websites.
Quark is a B2B search engine that links businesses via hashtags on hundreds of websites.

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What is the ValueLink(#Hashtag)?

What is the #(Hashtag)?

If you take a look at SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, you can easily find a sign ’#(Hash)’ right in front of words.
By typing in words with the # symbol in front of the words, you can search for texts related to a specific topic at a time.

For example, if you upload a post about a restaurant and add a hashtag of ‘#A Famous Restaurant’ on SNS, the SNS users can see all of the posts with the ‘#A Famous Restaurant’ hashtag together including your post when they search or click on the hashtag of ‘#A Famous Restaurant’.

Since the hashtag does the roles like a ‘Category’ consisting of various text materials and topics on SNS, it is widely used not only on SNS but on the search engines, advertisements, events, TV, etc. these days.

What is the #ValueLink?

The ValueLink is the ‘Hashtag’ such as a ‘Category’ that allows you to identify and see the gathered B2B products/services.

What is different between the Hashtag and the ValueLink?

The hashtag helps you easily find the same topics and the interested things, but it does not have its connectivity.
However, the ValueLink makes possible to search the same products/services and see all of them together, and also it plays a role as a single Link/Node in the supply chain structure.

In other words, the ValueLink is being one of the product/service category of the supply chain structure such as ‘Raw material ⇒ Parts ⇒ Finished product ⇒ Consumer’, so following the supply chain flows, my product/service will be automatically exposed (e.g. the parts manufacturer’s posts ⇒ exposed in the Feed of finished product company) in the Feed of the downstream industry (Downstream). So it is possible to implement the supply chain target marketing.

The Structure of the ValueLink.

The ValueLink is supported in a structure of ‘#product/service [business types]’, and even if they are the same ‘#products/services’, the search results and the supply chain links can be different depending on the [business types].
For example, ‘#Cooling Fan[Manufacture]’ and ‘#Cooling Fan[Sales] will be exposed at the same time when you search by ‘#Cooling Fan’, however if you specifically search by ‘#Cooling Fan [Manufacture]’, the result of ‘#Cooling Fan[Sales]’ will not be exposed. Also the products/services posts of upstream industry suppliers exposed in My Feed can be changed.

How can I execute a target marketing to the downstream industries(buyers) of potential customers?

When you upload your products/services posts, you should register the ValueLink twice.
First, register the ‘[product/service]+[industry type]’ tag in order to properly represent your product/service post to be introduced.
Although this search tag doesn’t have a limitation of the number of registration, if you add too many inaccurate tags to be well exposed in the search results, the viewers may get confused what the product/service exactly is.
Second, register the ‘[product/service]+[industry type]’ tag of the downstream industry company that is interested in my company’s product/service for a target marketing.
Since this marketing tag can be registered up to 5, you should carefully setup the tags to connect my product/service well.

It is hard to set the marketing tag.

You can refer to the marketing tags of other companies that operate the same business with your company‘s ‘#product/service [industry type].
In the process of the quark upload, you can select the ‘Recommended #Marketing Tag’ provided at <3.Marketing Subject Setting Stage>,
or if you click on the exposed products/services pages of competitors in the menu of the ‘Connect ValueLink’, you can see and refer to the tags that are exposed to the ‘Downstream’ on the detail page.
It is also possible to directly register by searching the same ValueLink with my ‘#Product/Service [Industry type]’, or to directly register by searching for the ValueLink of the upstream industry suppliers and clicking on the ‘Downstream’ placed on the right.

At first, it may seem complicated a bit, but it will not be so difficult to setup the ‘#products/services [industry type]’ of my company and the marketing targets.

Once you set the ValueLink, you can deliver and share the lasting business values with the connected suppliers and buyers.

Until now, it was a brief description of the ValueLink(#Hashtag) of the quark having the search and matching features.
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After the Brand Setting, you can invite and manage members who will manage the brand together. Let’s invite members who are going to begin a quark with the Super administrator now!

- Invitation: You can invite members by typing in a name, email, etc. on the right section. If the invited members join your brand through the email, they can start a quark as the brand member.
- Unapproved Member: There is a list showing the approved members who join through membership registration to the brand. You can approve or reject the membership requests.
- Being Invited Member: This is a list of members that you have sent an invitation. If there is no response to your invitation, you can re-invite or cancel the invitation.
- Brand Member: It shows the members that are currently registered to the brand. You can setup the member’s position, contact number, task through the Detail View, and also withdraw members through the Withdrawal button.
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In the Brand Page Setting tab, you can enter and edit the information related to your brand.
The Brand Page that is exposed to your business partners who come into through quarks, let’s setup now!

- Cover Image: An image that is exposed at the very top of the brand page, so we would recommend you to use the image that can represent your brand properly.
- Language Setting: You can setup your preferred language and add multi-languages.
- Brand Information: Enter the company’s representative information such as brand name, contact number, address, etc.
- Links to Social Network: you can connect the brand page to your SNS such as Facebook, Google+, etc.
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Done with creating a quark account?
Then now, let’s take a look at the way to manage my brand including My brand page setting, Invite members, etc.
You can find the Brand management page by clicking on My profile in the upper right corner.
This is the first page of the Brand management.
- quark activity: you can check the view counts of the uploaded quarks. The quarks’ daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly view counts will be exposed by the tab on the right.
- quark search area: you can check the people’s locations who search your quark.
- quark Top 5: you can check the quarks that are recorded the highest view counts this month/last month
- ValueLink Top 5: you can check the brands that are associated with the quarks recorded higher view counts.
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If you want to find your new business partners by using quark, get started as a ‘Super Administrator’.
In quark, the key roles of ‘Super Administrator’ are to make a brand, set the permission of the quark administrator and the user administrator, and invite members.

1. Sign up
- Enter an email address and password, or sign up with SNS account of Naver/Facebook/Google/etc.
- If you register with an email, please verity your email.

2. Set a Language

3. Select a Subscription type.
If a brand has not been created, please click on the Create New Brand.

4. Register a Brand
- Profile image: A profile image will be exposed when you upload a quark, so it is desirable to use an image that can represent your brand properly.
- Brand Name: Enter your brand name. You can change it later.
- Brand domain: Enter the brand’s domain as you wish. The domain will be the address of the Brand Feed. Please create the domain carefully, it is not changeable.
- Representative name
- Address
- Contact number
- Website address
- After completing all the lists, please click on Complete a Brand Registration.

5. Register Hashtag (#)
- Enter the tags of my company’s business or the service items + the Business tag (manufacturing, sales, distribution, etc.) (ex. Wholesale Clothing / Building Construction etc.)
- If you don’t set up the default Business tag, you can register a new tag.

6. Manage(overview) my quark
- Brand management: In Brand management tab, you can check the number of quark views, the popular quark, etc. of the uploaded quark to my brand.
- A quark list: you can check the quarks that my brand has uploaded.
- A quark upload: this is a tab available to upload a quark, please see “How to upload a quark” for more information.
- Subscriber: you can check the followers who subscribe to my brand and people who click the Like button for my brand.
- Membership management: you can manage a membership such as inviting or leaving members of my brand.
- Brand page setting: you can setup and manage a cover, logo, domain, contact number, address, etc. which are exposed on the brand quark.
- Permission setting: you can give an authority to the members invited to my brand as an administrator and other authorities.
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A quark means the smallest unit of business and service supporting you to create new value by pulling the related businesses together.

Are you still inefficiently wandering around by yourself to find your business partners directly?
With quark, it is possible to automatically expose my business and partners’ businesses information without extra marketing fees and efforts by weaving the business information like a net based on the business setting.

* In quark, each contents uploaded by users is called a quark.
* By using #(hashtag), quark can be easily and effectively exposed and searched. .

My Feed
In My Feed, the essential business partners for my business will be automatically shown.
Easily compare, inquire, and contact the exposed business partners via My Feed.
For example, if I operate a bakery, the companies that are related and necessary for my business such as bread flour companies, bread machine companies, bread kneader companies, bakeware companies, etc. will be exposed in My Feed.

How can I promote my business?
The business partners shown in My Feed are to help my business operation. Likewise, if I upload a quark, my business information will be automatically exposed in the business partner’s Feed who needs my business.
For example, if my business is a bakery, my quark will be automatically exposed in the Feed of bread flour companies, bread machine companies, baking equipment companies, coffee shops and restaurants, etc.
Also, it is possible to use Value band, Banner Ads, etc. to actively promote my business.
Try quark to expand your business easily and successfully.
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