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1. I like lots of them, favorite being the googel docs so that my students can always have "live" documents!
TLW use our iTouches to use the apps and write about what they learned on google docs.

2. There will be more technology for sure!! The students love Health Fitness, If we can bring their love for TEchnology with it, WIN WIN! Yes, change in the form of more technology!!

3.Learned tons more tha I expected! ....really got into it afte I started!!

Tool 10: I want for my students to know how powerful the internet is both in good ways and bad ways. They need to be aware of the possibilities and know how to deal with everything about it. Also, How to safely use the internet to help them gain knowledge in whatever they choose. Lastly for them to be experts in the digital world!

I plan on using ISAFE with my students

I would use ED Tech to help my students with digital citizenship

I would share this with parents through our monthly newsletter

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Google Doc and Skype are tols that could be used in Health fitness. Google Doc format with other teachers maybe more useful to me.
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