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I give you, my Minmus rover (and eventually other small moons rover). All stock parts, with only level 2 science available. I have been using it to explore Minmus to get the money to get to L3 science before travelling outside Kerbin space. The back wheels allow it to flip vertically with reaction wheels and take off with the 4 ion engines for longer leaps across the planet. For normal travel, I can do just under 60m/s on flats, with about 35-40 m/s across 90% of the rest of minmus's surface. Certain areas i need to keep it closer to 20m/s, but not many
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Anyone ever run into the issue where, when trying to repair a part, it says you have an insufficient engineering skill level?  My guys is level three trying to repair a rover wheel. It says he needs to be at least level three which he is. He has also previously repaired wheels before, not sure what its different now.

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Crap, I think I may be a bit rusty......

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Anyone looking for Christmas presents for their Wife, Daughters, Girlfriend, Fiance, Mom, etc: My wife +Elizabeth Miler has started using these and loves them so is now selling them. They are basically nail covers that last for weeks and are easier/quicker to put on than painting and not as much of a pain as fake nails, and they have a lot more design options. Her contact info is on the site if you have questions, she knows more about them than i do :P (or you can ask me here and I can forward to her. She doesn't use Google+ more than just having a profile)

+Ingress +NIA Ops Can I please get an answer to the question I asked weeks ago about playing on a Blackberry 10 phone?  Are we going to be banned for playing on the platform? Today I got an unauthorized software notice the same as my friend did about a month ago. The software is downloaded directly from the play store and is installed and is NOT downloaded from other sources (AKA. Decode ingress). I have not gotten any response form email either and it says for faster responses to post here, but never got an answer here either. Thank you.

+Ingress +NIA Ops  Can we get an official word on playing ingress on a Blackberry? The Z30 run android 4.2 in the background and is fully capable of playing most android apps including ingress. The apk is installed directly from the play store so it is official software, however one of our local players got a warning letter this morning. We DO NOT and have NEVER downloaded the apk's released from Decode Ingress, it has always been directly from the play store.

To all resistance members: Watch the latest leaked video of Klue/ADA. You have all been deceived. The ideal of saving humanity is not wrong, but Klue/ADA really seek to destroy humanity and have tricked you all into doing their bidding of replacing humans with their own machine only race. Direct quote from Klue/ADA: "What if we don't need them [humans]" Come fight for the real human resistance, then enlightened and not only save, but help expand true human existence, not supplant it with machines.
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