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Running with Back on My Feet is usually the highlight of my day!

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Kingdom swim 10 miler map.  This is getting real!  Very excited and nervous.  Hope the rest of my training is on point!

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Disney Trip!!!

On here every single day and realize I never post!

Done with Ragnar!  Woot.  Had great fun and now I get to find some new adventures!

Countdown to RAGNAR is starting.  This time tomorrow I will have finished my first leg.

Count down to Ragnar and my LAST run of my life!  Mixed feelings on this one....

LivingSocial must be tracking my searches....

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Last time I am going to post this! Did my last workout today. Guess I am ready as I am ever going to be. I want to thank all of you who donated to the cause thus far! You people really rock!

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I want to thank everyone that has donated thus far! Also, anyone have a wet suit that I could borrow? Men's Medium. Thanks so much!
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