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What the heck did I just listen to lol.....
Song for Ingress nerds!! The Frisco, Texas Mission Day checkout and van event was at a place called Nerdvana. Nerds got together and a song was born.
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Yeah......that's not happening.
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Finally I got all pins of the actual NL1331 tour including the very limited gold pin.
+Ingress +Ethan Lepouttre +Dominik Schönleben
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NL-1331 Meetups Attended 世界一の stats です…‼
あと少しで Onyx ゴイスー‼

今日は NL Van の前に集まっての Group Photo が断念される程の暑さでした…(汁

+Ethan Lepouttre さんはこれから NL1331X と共に SanAntonio → Philadelphia の超長距離移動です…‼

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Clear your calendar! Mission Day San Antonio, Texas #IngressMissionDay
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ONYX MISSION DAY!!! Finally!!! Never thought I'd get the +Ingress Mission Day badge so soon, and I'm so incredibly thankful to +Ethan Lepouttre for taking on North America having more mission days! 😍😘🤗 Your hard work is GREATLY appreciated!!!

Thanks so much to +Elektra Hammond for picking me up, and to +Jeffrey Matos , +Jose Ortiz , +Thomas Pimlott IV , +Holly Taylor , & +Anthony for organizing the event! 💙💚❤️😍

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Call for Participants for an Online Essex Remote Participation Game Session

We're back from an academically induced break!

This session is going to be on this coming weekend, Saturday March 31st. +Kosh TheRipper is running this session, this being an evening session, times will be revealed closer to Saturday!

A pivotal decision has been made and now the important undertaking must commence. Facing what they have come to as their own definition of humanity. The group will unwittingly either doom or save humanity by these actions...

We will be using all of the released rules for this session.

If you would like take part, message me directly on Telegram at my agent handle. We do transcribe these sessions and make the read through available for public consumption after we're complete.

Looking forward to having you there!

To get some things out there in the open before the session goes live:

1) We host these on Telegram
2) These are entirely online.
3) Telegram grants us the ability to use a dice bot, so you won't need physical dice!
4) We keep these sessions PG-13
5) Prepare to devote at least 3 hours to us.
6) We do not allow, nor do we encourage use of the Ingress main characters within these sessions. [ This is so that there are no further confusions with characters and we can have a fresh start with every session ]
And the most important bit
7) Be prepared to have a good time!

Will you take part in this action?

+Edgar Allan Wright​​ +Flint Dille​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ +John Hanke​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ +Ethan Lepouttre +Andrew Krug​​ +Anne Beuttenmüller​​​​​​​​​ +Chiplander​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ +H. Richard Loeb

#EssexRPE #IngressRPE #UmbraInteritus #ViaObscuraIsReal

We have complied an ever growing Essex Open Rules document.
You can read this document here, as it was written by myself and +Mario Valenzuela II
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Dear kawans,
Silakan datang dan ikuti event Ingress NL Bandung dan Jakarta, dan Mission Day Jakarta sekaligus menjelajahi kenangan Jakarta tempo doeloe. Jangan tunda lagi dan segera lakukan RSVP melalui link di bawah ini!

NL Bandung. 21 Maret 2018

NL Jakarta. 24 Maret 2018

MD Jakarta. 25 Maret 2018
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+faker holic さんに了承いただけました



+汚部屋の妖精はるちそ さん
+Akkii さん

+Andrew Krug and +Ethan Lepouttre
Thank you so much!
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Awesome extended weekend!

Road trip to Wellington for mission day and NL visit, then back to Auckland for the NL visit back home.
Great turn out at both events. Always good times catching up with new and old friends from both sides.
Thanks heaps +Ethan Lepouttre+Andrew Krug+November Lima​ for coming to visit Middle Earth 🇳🇿 Hope to see you back next year!

P.s. Also got black engineer. Thanks Akre for all the mod donations for the last year!
And spotted a wild @RedSoloCup at a pool party when he's supposed to be in Japan
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