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open source connects recruiters and applicants
open source connects recruiters and applicants


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we have published 0.26 of YAWIK. The new Release comes with a talent pool and the possibility to use solr as a search engine for job openings.

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YAWIK 0.23.1 was released.

* the label requirements, benefits and qualifications of a job template are editable
* uses mongo fulltext index for searching job postings
*the features "registration" and "forgot password" can be enabled by using option.
* adds search formular to the admins approval page
you can switch between 'photon' and 'geo' by using options

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YAWIK 0.20 was released. This Version comes with a nice intallation module. Enter the database connection and login data and you can start using YAWIK

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Version 0.14.4 was released.


* Complete rework of the application process. Each "part" (Contact informations, Summary, etc.) of an application can now be entered in its individually form, allowing to preview the application at any state. Even after leaving the page, upon returning, the application can be further edited. Large buttons at the bottom finally lets one save the whole application to the system or abort it completely.
* Changed license to MIT license.
* Mail recipients can be overriden via configuration which is useful in development environments.
* A default user can be created via configuration. So now, it's possible to use YAWIK without social networks.


* Upgraded Doctrine MongoDB ODM to Beta10
* Upgraded mpdf to 5.7.2
* Attached social profiles are rendered in the PDF down-loadable from application detail page.
* Applications are searchable by keywords from the comments.
* phing optimizations (Creating cache directories, Create build packages)
* General simplifications of the installation routines.


* User image is copied to application again, if logged in user applies to a job.
* Redirection after login does not work.
* Image uploading does not work.
* Attaching social profiles does not work.
* Searching applications does not work.
* Deleting applications does not work.
* Preview of social profiles does not work.
* Creation date of an application is not saved.

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YAWIK 0.16.3 wurde released.

Seit 0.16 können:
- Stellenanzeigen eingegeben werden
- Anschriften schaltender Firmen angelegt werden
- Templates für Stellenanzeigen hinterlegt werden
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