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Encouraging curious minds and promoting rational enquiry.
Encouraging curious minds and promoting rational enquiry.

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Exposed as a fraud by James Randi, Faith Healer Peter Popoff declared bankruptcy in 1987, but almost 30 years later he has resurrected his career and is back in business using mass mailing, the internet and television to spread his gospel via free packets of miracle water. Upon signing up for the water, people are bombarded with letters soliciting donations and promising vast wealth and good fortune from God if Popoff's rituals are performed and if the donations are made.

In May 2015, Popoff appeared at the Troxy Theatre in London, where he claimed to heal sick members of the 2,000-strong audience, before soliciting cash donations. By our estimate, he is likely to have received more than £40,000 on that day alone. What's more, one of the audience members allegedly healed by Popoff's touch had previously been seen helping with event organisation. It seems possible that she was a member of Popoff's own team, embedded into the audience.

We’ve shared our findings with the City of London police Action Fraud team for further investigation. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on any developments.

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Cipher machine to be auctioned to raise funds for Good Thinking & All Trials
A genuine WWII M-209 mechanical cipher machine! Pretty cool.

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In our previous readings with a palm reader, our volunteers from the Merseyside Skeptics Society were given advice they felt was misleading and irresponsible. Perhaps even worse, each of our readings began to sound eerily familiar, as demonstrated by this compilation of our clips from the three visits to the same psychic by different investigators...

Clearly it seemed our volunteers’ lives were alarmingly similar. What would happen if a fourth investigator visited a second palmist in the same booth – the daughter of the previous palmist?

Read the full investigation at

We contacted the psychics to share our investigations and our concerns, but they did not respond.

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Having visited our chosen palmist once, we partnered with the Merseyside Skeptics Society to test how accurate palm reading can be for someone in a serious situation.

Our investigator Alice suffers from Hypermobility Syndrome (a chronic and highly-painful disability), but she responds to the palmist as she would have done prior to receiving her diagnosis. Everything Alice tells the palmist about her symptoms is true.

Our investigator agreed to a £30 reading. After a little general information, the reading turned to the topic of health.

Read the full investigation at

We contacted the psychics to share our investigations and our concerns, but they did not respond.

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Palm readers have operated in seaside towns across the country for many years.

Many people put their trust (and hand over considerable amounts of money) to psychics - especially in times of need.

In the absence of any proof that palmists have any ability to accurately advise on the future, we wanted to find out whether that trust was well-placed, so we visited a palm reader in Blackpool...

Read the full investigation at:

We contacted the psychic to share our investigations and our concerns, but she did not respond.

Follow us on twitter (@GoodThinkingSoc), and we will let you know when the next psychic investigation video is online.

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Four More NHS CCGs Cease Funding For Homeopathy…/

With the four Newcastle CCGs now ceasing their funding, only 24 CCGs of 209 still commission homeopathy, at least four of which are reviewing their policies. Encouraging progress. Support the campaign at:

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Get Active! Volunteer with the Good Thinking Society

Find out how to volunteer your skills and experiences to help work on skeptical projects.

2015 ESC Podcast: Episode #01 – Jim Al-Khalili

This is the first podcast of the 2015 European Skeptics Conference – the regular conference of The European Council of Skeptical Organisations, taking place in London on 11-13 September, 2015. Today Marsh is joined physicist, broadcaster and TV presenter, Jim Al-Khalili (subscription via iTunes available soon).

Tickets for the conference are available at:

Find out how to donate to support the Good Thinking Society:

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Good Thinking Supporters July 2015 Newsletter

Update on our campaign challenging NHS homeopathy; ABSW blog prize winner announced; and the launch of a new podcast series!

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