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Edward Langley
I love Business Intelligence and DevOps!
I love Business Intelligence and DevOps!


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Tweaks to Write-LogEntry
Tweaks to Write-LogEntry that was posted to Twitter by Trevor Sullivan @pcgeek86 His original PowerShell code: function Write-LogEntry {     [CmdletBinding()]     param (     [string] $Message,     [string] $Severity ) $CallStack = Get-PSCallStack $LogMessa...
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Scaling DSC - Desired State Configuration in PowerShell
How to Scale DSC - Desired State Configuration in PowerShell This series of posts will cover my ideas of how to scale DSC beyond just a few servers or VM's. DSC is a fantastic tool for deploying consistent servers / VM's Make the servers cattle, not pets. B...
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Four Recent Microsoft KB patches Can Crash or Corrupt Your Computer
recently announced (Mid August 2014) that some of the recent KB patches released to the public
are causing corruption and crashes of many computers. The
most serious KB is KB2982791 MS14-045: Description of the security update for
kernel-mode driv...
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I am looking for examples of how to call the PS functions, is there some documentation on this?

Hmmm all of the other 5 members names so far start with an A.
That makes me the odd ball :}

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Hi Kim, I hold you totally responsible for our new addiction hehehe

But seriously, I have added Pinterest and Google+ to our arsenal of social media tools !

I am going to write a blog post about how our strategy has evolved because of you. And in a GOOD way :}

I am running WP 3.51 on Azure Web Sites and when I update my plugins with new versions, Azure is unable most of the time to delete the old plugin folder and/or replace it. Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks for the invite on Twitter!

I merge Business Intelligence with social media, so if anyone else does, lets chat!
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