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Flow Cytometry Core Facility at the University of Chicago
Flow Cytometry Core Facility at the University of Chicago

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The NovoCyte Analyzer Review - Acea Biosciences
Why enter the crowded flow cytometer market with a 3-laser, 13-color analyzer? Why not? Acea Biosciences (San Diego, CA) is yet another upstart cytometry company with aspirations of creating an easy-to-use, affordable workhorse analyzer targeted at the mea...

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Index Sorting - From FACSDiVa to FlowJo
We recently upgraded our FACSAria to FACSDiVa 8 running on Windows 7 primarily for the ability to do index sorting. Getting used to a brand new set of DiVa issues and quirks has been difficult, but we soldiered on nonetheless. After scouring the web for res...

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Flow Cytometry Core Facility New Year's Resolutions
It's that time of year again when the gyms are packed and weight-loss commercials air continuously.This year, why not turn you attention towards your core facility and come up with some resolutions the whole lab can take part in. The best part is you'll hav...

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Core Facility Acknowledgment Accounting 101 - How to make sure your work is being recognized.
BioTechniques Article on SRL Attribution A recent article in Biotechniques has spurred some interesting discussions in the Academic Core Facility (or as we cytometry cores like to call them, Shared Resource Laboratories - SRLs) world. The gist of the articl...

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A First Look at the Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX - Strong Performance in a Small Box
Over the past few years, we've been inundated with small, inexpensive cytometers with the promise that they can perform as well as the big boys. Up until now, I would have told you not to waste your time... up until now. In 2013, an unknown company called X...

We're moving!

Effective June 1st, 2014, our new address will be:

UCFlow, University of Chicago
924 E. 57th St. Room R022
Chicago, IL 60637

All other contact information will remain the same.

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21st Century Learning using an Ancient Model Applied to Flow Cytometry Training
There are so many things I'd love to learn.  I always imagined myself playing the guitar, or executing a no-hands backflip, or even writing a mobile application, but so far, I still cannot do any of those things. Of course, each of these things are certainl...

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He said, She said, PEBCAC?
In flow cytometry core facilities, scenarios such as the one that follows are commonplace. The first thought that comes to me after a user reports a problem. An end-user is attempting to collect data, for some reason there's an issue, the end-user requests ...

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Ready to throw some money down on a new cytometer?  Read my 10 tips for purchasing your next cytometer here.

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If you're even remotely involved in the world of cytometry, you'll want to visit the new community.  Hoping to make this a team effort!
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