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Amy Doyle
Owner & Designer for Bohemian Zen Boutique
Owner & Designer for Bohemian Zen Boutique

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Business GoFundMe for Expanding
Good Morning! I have been selling on Etsy for over 5 years and unfortunately like many I never had any kind of start up money. I have used all my birthday and Christmas money every year plus the money I do make with sales to expand and credit with PayPal.  ...

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Valentine's Gifts
Valentine's Day is almost here. If you haven't gotten a gift yet, why not stop by the shop and check out all the items in the Valentine's section? Heart earrings, necklaces, and metal wall art! Or you can check out the wide variety of other jewelry and home...

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Year End Clearance
It is that time again! The end of a year and time to get rid of the old so we can make way for the new! That is what I am doing in my shop! I have moved and even renewed older unsold items and placed them in a clearance section and marked them way down! I h...

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Christmas In The Boutique
As we head into December it is time to get ready for Christmas. I have worked on making more burlap and agate ornaments to the shop. I also have added single and set listings. Other new items have been added in the last couple of weeks. I have a few bookmar...

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5 Years on Etsy
6 years ago I made an Etsy account. I was nervous and not ready. I ended up forgetting all about it until a year later. In 2011 I went to sign up and it told me I already had an account. I suddenly remembered that I tried this before. So my account says I h...

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Heading Into November
Here we are at the end of another year. This year has already been even better than the last. This year I added more unique pieces. I was able to expand my home decor section, bring in beautiful quartz clusters, build up my Christmas section and so much mor...

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New Items In The Boutique
Lots of great things have been added to my shop this year.  I wanted to take a moment out to share some of the newest additions with you.  One of the things I started working on again is beaded necklaces.  I have used a variety of colors. Some are bright an...

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Manifesting Journey Part 6
Manifesting Journey Part 6  Good morning. Another New Moon is here. Time to write out new manifest list. I prefer to burn my list on the New Moon while some people like to save them to review them on the Next Moon and see what they have accomplished. Since ...

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Manifesting Journey Part 5
                                                        Manifesting Journey Part 5 Hello again. I am glad to say that my manifesting journey has been going great. The more I manifest, the more I add to my list of goals and the faster things come to me! I al...

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New Items And Website
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I just would like to share that my Etsy shop has been growing and I also have expanded to a website. I have been busy adding new items. Lots of new necklaces and even now offering more rough, tumbled and cluster ge...
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