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Kenneth LaBarre
Film/Video Director, Roll It! Take It! Media, LLC
Film/Video Director, Roll It! Take It! Media, LLC

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Found this while searching online. A trip in the way back machine.

Saturday mornings usually start with Ben Howard. Doesn't get any better than this.

Nice to see another member of the GOP asking why they are obsessed with legislating a woman's body & health. This is the kind of thing that gets me very angry, especially as a father of young ladies who will have to deal with the overreach of these asinine laws long after I am gone.

New Jack White:

Anyone in the UK got a copy of Shack's "Water Pistol". Sadly never heard it and it's not avail. in the US. Cheer 'la.

Van Halen, Tokyo Dome 6-21-13. Aud. Video, IEM Audio Matrix. Who needs espresso?

One of my all time fave bands, playing one of my all time fave songs. RIP Doug and Bruce.

Wed. night reading:

Great WTF podcast with Jason Isbell (ex Drive by Truckers). He lets it all hang out. Tales of touring with Skynyrd, jamming in Muscle Shoals, and getting booted from the 'Truckers.

5th Grade Flashback! Peter Criss on the latest "That Metal Show" weighs in the KISS RRHoF induction debacle.
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