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Claudia Nichols

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Claudia Nichols

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The U.S. basically does not support long-term care. The backbone of the "system" is family members as caregivers; the few who must reside in SNF's usually must pay via Medicaid -- which means they are forced into impoverishment. Deplorable.
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Claudia Nichols

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Many themes within this TED presentation by Simon Lewis: I post here to inform of what wondrous achievements medical technology can achieve, IF what is possible can be accessed. 

Claudia Nichols

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Claudia Nichols

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Thanks to Kazan Law for sharing:
When a WWII vet goes to see a race.
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Thanks racers you rock! 

Claudia Nichols

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Any other military retirees having difficulty interacting with the DoD's Defense Finance & Accounting Service/Retired & Annuitant Pay? Please do contact me with your issues and/or solutions, especially if you reside in the Bay Area. I'm considering appealing to our formidable Congressional representative here in the Bay Area, Jackie Speier; it would help if she was aware of others in the same predicament. 

Claudia Nichols

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I'm really glad that Mayor Ed Lee has gotten the message and is ready to join the fight against evictions. Although it's hard to tell exactly what he's proposing, except to try to get the state Legislature to modify the Ellis...
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Healthcare Education; Appeal of Healthcare Insurance Claim Denials; Audit Medical Bills; Assist Seniors with Resources for Seniors; Healthcare Research; Obtain, Organize, Review Medical Records for Comprehensiveness and Accuracy; Transitional Care Planning; Advance Healthcare Planning; Palliative Care Options; Estate Planning; Consensus Building; Public Speaking; Healthcare Literacy Outreach; Rare Disease Research; Monitor Compliance with JCAHO Best Practices.
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    Pilot Health Advocates® helps patients and their caregivers navigate the U.S. medical maze. Your healthcare choices deserve unconditional support, whether your focus is upholding your rights as a healthcare consumer, locating resources for seniors, learning options for those with disabilities, resolving insurance issues, improving the quality of your medical treatment, obtaining pain management, or negotiating a crisis situation.
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I'm the founder of Pilot Health Advocates® in San Francisco, California. My company's mission is to empower patients and their caregivers through education and advocacy. 
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Pacific Coast Health Advocacy

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Conard House Inc

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Conard House is one of only a few progressive organizations in the States (another being Fountain House in New York). Seeking to break the cycle of acute episodes followed by halfway houses and reverting back to hospitalization, CH provides residential living within the community, supports its residents with life-management skills (balancing checkbooks, cooking, purchasing groceries) and techniques for autonomous management (within a supportive network) so that chronically ill persons may reclaim their lives. Read more about this fabulous nonprofit on its website. Even better, make an appointment to meet with the leaders of the organization and take a tour of the housing and on-site support that restores functionality and hope to those stigmatized by psychiatric disease.
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