Characteristics of a Personal Injury Settlement Mill

"Run of the Mill Justice" is an article written by Nora Engstom and published in the Stanford University Law Review, that provides the most thorough analysis of settlement mills.  Also known by the term 'volume shop' a settlement mill stresses quantity over quality.  In turn, such a law firm produces what is akin to a mass product.  The largest advertising personal injury law firms generally employ a business model that dies not foster diligent quality work as it interferes with the ability to move claims in an efficient and expeditious manner.  A personal injury mill generally settles cases far below their ultimate value as working the claim to its ultimate value can be an obstacle to their bottom line which is to quickly recoup advertising expenses.

Please read the article below to learn more about such automobile accident law firms to gain an in-depth perspective of how they operate.  Although this article is a few years old, I found it to be very relevant and not outdated in the least bit.

(click on this article to learn more about personal injury settlement mills)

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