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Maggie Reardon

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Maggie, Just wanted to shoot some praise your way.
We read your article today about netflix and verizon and it was great to see that some journalists still have integrity and believe in objectivity in their work. Well done!
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Hello Marguerite,


I assume with a name like “Marguerite,” you have had as many problems with pronunciation as I have had with a name like my boss “Padraig”.

Anyway, I was doing some research into the whether the DMCA ruling on unlocking is being observed and came across your article. I noticed that your article has a link to which is no longer operating . Anyway I wanted to contact you to see if you would replace that link with a link to our site which is backed by a real Irish company and a reputable established business.


Doug Asker
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Maggie Reardon

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Maggie,  Thank you for the breakdown.  Indeed we all engage in mental gymnastics to figure this out, then you get a contract and ... did I really get a good deal?   At least I have someplace to start.

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Maggie Reardon

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Here's the latest Ask Maggie: What are the chances that VZ changes policy again and nixes unlimited data for everyone?
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As someone who use to work for a Verizon Indirect and seriously needs unlimited data(10g+ a month) I always fear of the day that they will throw a cap on me. But I always found it comical users who would get angry when I told them they would be moved to a tiered plan. Not every time but in most cases if the user averaged under 4gb they would be saving $10-40/mo.
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Maggie Reardon

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How to get an Ask Maggie question in to your column? I have seen the Blackberry PlayBook/BB Torch combination as a wonderful combination for my use in work and home. The apps more than satisfy my needs with ability to sideload from Google Play if I wish. Prices for the current PlayBooks are very reasonable, and RIMs products are very popular OUTSIDE the US. Are there signs that RIM will become competitive again with the upcoming product releases? Sad that RIM is waiting until 1Q2013 for their new products.
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Maggie Reardon

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Maggie, I just read your piece on the Verizon shakedown. Thanks for that. I have been with Big Red now for over six years now. I have used almost all national cell companies except T-mobile. Staring out with Sprint, moved to ATT before they became Cingular and back to ATT! So I have had my fair share of experiences with the carriers. Verizon IS the most expensive, but they also appear to offer the best service. Which is what we pay for. I say appear as recently I have had some doubts.

But back to the issue. You are quite correct, I rushed to the Verizon website when I realized June 28th had come and gone on the new plans. And I was worried my bill would automatically change without my knowledge. 

First indeed I discovered that we existing customers are not being forced to switch to the new plans (for now, as that will probably change), as you had noted. .

Secondly when I did use their tools to calculate what my new bill will look like with the new plans, it appears I might end up saving some money, again as you noted.

I like that you can select that amount of data you might use and plan accordingly. I will say I am fortunate to also have a work cell phone so that considerably reduces my use of my personal cell.    

Another issue is not all of us are ULTRA connected to this crazy digital world. Yes I have a Facebook page, (which I am desperately trying to abandon for Google+ lol) but I probably visit it, once a week or several times on the weekends only. 

Once in a while I stream music and videos, but that is mostly when I am at home on my WiFi network. My main phone data usage is streaming XM radio and also uploading pictures to the cloud. 

I am willing to bet I am not the only bid red customer with a user profile like mine, In fact I think there are millions of us out there as so many people now how both personal and work cells. So we don't need all the "bells and whistles" but we want a good network, good service and good customer service. Even if we do not use Verizon NFL mobile. 

My final point is, people need to generally get real and also be smart enough to do some research. As I noted after the initial fear, it appears if I do switch, I am likely to save money, or at least pay what I was paying on the old plan. 

However, lets all be real, due to the upgraded capabilities of smartphones and in a Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Hulu, Pinintrest, You Tube, online gaming et al world, people are doing much less talking and even texting and much more browsing and data use, exchange and streaming. So today it might be only Verizon, but I suspect that almost all other carriers will end up having to do the same, especially to pay for the pretty expensive 4G LTE network infrastructure upgrade. We as consumers can't eat our cake and have it... (You know that saying always troubles me...).

Recently I thought for a minute about leaving big red for something cheaper and then I remember my constant dropped calls while on ATT and the terribly bad customer service at Sprint and I say to myself...hold on a sec...
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