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This Blog has MOVED!!
Greetings ZAAKISTAN Readers, I've decided to migrate my entire website and this blog over to the delightful Wordpress platform. The blog whole blog exists there and you can read my latest posts there now. My website is slowly being rebuilt too and I will fo...

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Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park
Just west of Calgary is this very new provincial park. We had never been until last weekend. I can say that I really appreciate the beauty that the prairies and foothills possess. The multitude of grasses. The expansive sky. The trembling aspen. The Rocky M...

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Calgary Reads Big Book Sale
This is our family's fourth time attending the frenetic Calgary Reads Big Book Sale in the 7 years living in Calgary and I think it will need to become an annual tradition. I met my family there after work. They spent the day downtown already for the Childr...

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Brew 10: Chocolate Hazelnut Porter
How could I not make a beer called chocolate hazelnut porter? From the Brewing Classic Styles : Grain Bill: 11.5 lbs Canadian 2-Row (1.5-2.1°L) 1.5 lbs Munich (6-10°L) 1 lb Crystal Light (40°L) 1 lb Crystal Medium (75°L) 0.75 lb Chocolate Malt (450-500°L) 0...

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Hockey Team Allegiances
The great Edmonton Oiler years in the last half of the 1980s were the milieu in which I developed a keen interest in watching hockey. From grades 5-9, I faithfully memorized the players names, numbers and stats. In junior high, several of us would surround ...

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Book Review: The Case for the Psalms (NT Wright)
I remember hearing in a podcast of Thomas Hopko ( Speaking the Truth in Love ) about how at one point in history, bishops were expected to have memorized the entire catalog of Psalms (all 150 of them) in order to be ordained as a bishop. In fact it may have...

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"Runnin" Lyrics - Frazey Ford (maybe)
I just love this song  by Frazey Ford . Are these right? I tried to find the lyrics to this song, but they are nowhere online, so I submitted these to a lyrics site in hopes someone would jump in to correct me. Who are the one-eyed?
​ (pretty sure this is ...

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Products of a Static, Literal, Inerrant Bible
A few days ago, a childhood friend of mine shared this video to Facebook. He grew up in the same church as I did and about 3 or 4 years ago he abandoned his faith to become an agnostic. Following the video are some comments between him and one of our high s...

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Travelling to Northern BC
Every year. Every year since I've met my wife*, I have made the trek north to Smithers, Hazelton, Kispiox, etc., BC to visit her mom, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends. It's a very long drive. Interestingly, it's essentially the same distance fr...
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