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Cordyceps is Your Friend - Cafe Oto, Dalston, London - 7th November, 2014
Grapefruits began this night of warped and dark electronics with a set comprising cello, synth and drums in a union of fierce and frantic improvised abrasion. Sounding like an audio version of a slow camera zoom onto knotted scorched wood, this trio carved ...

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Fallout Shelter Disks: Sophie Cooper, Giving Rock 'n' Roll to Everyone
 Photo credit: Harry Wheeler  Sophie Cooper is the subject of this inaugural feature in a new series at Ears for Eyes: Fallout Shelter Disks. Those participating choose six albums/EPs/singles/mixtapes, one book, and one luxury item to take down into an ...

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Gallery: God's Mama - Boat-Ting, 01/09/14
A few pictures of God's Mama from the September Boat-Ting session.

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Fallout Shelter Disks: an announcement
Credit: James Vaughan X-Ray Delta One under a Creative Commons license Ears For Eyes seeks applicants for a regular feature entitled Fallout Shelter Disks. You, as an individual, duo, 27-piece free-jazz orchestra, occult entity or sentient computer virus, w...

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Time Attendant - Bloodhounds (Exotic Pylon)
Bloodhounds by Time Attendant Echoing bloop-fugue drift album ‘Bloodhounds’ is the debut long-form release from Paul Snowdon in the guise of shuffling synthotist Time Attendant.   It follows several excellent EPs for More than Human and Exotic Pylon records...

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Tasos Stamou and Adrian Northover - Mantra Gora (Linear Obsessional)
Mantra Gora by Tasos Stamou and Adrian Northover ‘Mantra Gora’ is the second in Linear Obsessional’s series of duo improvisations and this time around features Tasos Stamou (prepared zither, cassette loops, digital horn, test generator) and Adrian Northover...

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Tapiwa Svosve and Julian Chalabi – bracket bracket bracker (Raw Tonk)
Bracket Bracket Bracket by Tapiwa Svosve / Julian Chalabi ‘bracket bracket bracket’ is a succinct EP full of ideas from the hands and minds of Tapiwa Svosve (alto saxophone, cassette player) and Julian Chalabi (guitar).   ‘Stendreck’ finds burring saxophone...

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Neil Metcalfe and Daniel Thompson – Eight Improvisations (Creative Sources Recordings)
This set of eight improvisations from Neil Metcalfe (flute) and Daniel Thompson (guitar) is conversational and sparsely lyrical, an affable communion rather than a locking of horns; each player deeply attuned to the actions of the other.   Metcalfe for the ...

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Various artists - Bourgeois Kerb Stomp (Herhalen)
Bourgeois Kerb Stomp by Ship Canal For fans of no-fi lurking tape-weirdness, this should be investigated at the earliest opportunity.   Herhalen’s ‘Bourgeois Kerb Stomp’ release is a three-way split shared by Splashy the Blame-Shifter, Lenina, and Ship Cana...

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John Chantler - Even Clean Hands Damage the Work (Room 40)
Some albums are seemingly
wrestled into shape. The effort required to prevent ‘Even Clean Hands Damage the
Work’ breaking its bounds and melting the studio must surely have been
strenuous. It feels caged, raging voltage testing the boundaries of its prison,...
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