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My merges work perfectly fine (though there hasn't been one warranted for about a month)...but I get daily emails that a merge task failed (even though there wasn't a time trigger). When I try to run the job manually, I get what appears to be a blank error message (but no email). There are no errors (though there were before and it merged fine) regarding header conflicts or anything else

For several weeks, formRanger just plain hasn't functioned on one of my forms. It's pointed to the correct place in the original spreadsheet, but it just never populates the new options (despite being set for hourly update). Even manual updated produces no effect, as did totally removing and re-adding the add-on. Any suggestions?

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I'm having trouble with a script, so I posted in the Google Docs Help Forum. Someone suggested I post here...please, if you've got a few minutes, take a look at my post! Thanks
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