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Lessons Learned // Adventures in Antelope Canyon
Traveling always makes me return home a better version of
myself.   Adventure clears out the cobwebs
and restores the clarity, the more I explore the more alive I feel.   It’s constantly on my mind; where will I get
to go next?   How soon can I get there?  ...

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Whole30 Week 3: Experiences and Observations
Makeshift cobb salad that I ate like 3 days in a row.  Delish! ***Disclaimer: I wrote this post a few days ago and never got around to putting it up -- follow through is one of those  things  I'm working on.  We started easing out of the Whole30 last night ...

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Whole30 Week #2: Experiences and Observations
Whole30 compliant chorizo, red potatoes, and brussels topped with a fried egg and avocado We made it through week 2! 
I felt really tested last week – days 10 and 11 are statistically the
days that many quit the Whole30 and I understood why; I kid you not, ...

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My Whole30 Experience: Week 1
Today marks one week that I’ve been living life on the Whole30.   It’s been quite an experience so far – I
certainly feel grateful that James and a handful of friends (and my parents!)
are participating alongside me; the support and empathy of one’s tribe s...

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One Week Of Phonelessness
Almost exactly three weeks ago my friend Alyssa and packed a
picnic bag (the modern girl’s picnic basket – less chic, more room for bread
and cheese), wrangled four dogs into the car, and headed north toward a slightly
cleaner ocean and a county that doesn’...

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April Goals Bring May Results
I always realize it’s a new month a little late.   It sneaks up on me, one glance at the
calendar and I do a double-take – is it really April?!   But what about March?   Where did it go?   What did I do? March was an emotional doozy.   Right now I find myse...

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March Goals
March kicked off a little bit rough.   Apparently dogs can develop allergies just like humans and
Wizard recently became a sneezing, wheezing, drippy little ball of allergic
energy.   It’s like when a young wizard
finally gets his magic powers and doesn’t y...

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My First Rant: I Feel Like I’m Being Food Punked
I love to cook.   I’ve
discovered this more and more as I’ve started working from home, it brings me
so much joy.   I love playing with
different flavors, I love it when my husband tells me something was delicious,
I love the sense of accomplishment I get w...

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Not This Time, Cold Season!
Tis the season, everyone...cold season.  Flu season.
 SICK SEASON.  Even in sunny LA Winter brings the symphony of
sniffles, coughs, and achy groans heard round the world when the weather turns
frosty.   For some reason I have a history of catching pretty m...

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February Life Goals
Right at this moment I am experiencing a perfect
morning.  It’s not THE perfect morning, because that’s subjective, and it’s not MY THE perfect morning because I can think
of several different scenarios that could produce such a phenomenon, but right
here, ...
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