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It's just what I do...
It's just what I do...

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Captivating and beautiful, even if it rather brings a chill down my spine :)
Thought of staying in an icy lake water not taking any breath for 6 minutes is really scary. But this is so beautiful that I can somehow understand it.

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These are a total kick! It must have been fabulous to build each one, and hope no one got hurt during the test rides :)
These are AWESOME! Click through to see the CAD renders based on the drawings.

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Thanks, +Laura Gibbs! I hadn't seen this before. How incredibly powerful, sensitive, and delicious!

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Could be a great sign out front for Studio Alex!
I guess someone got tired of sharpening pencils and went for the gigantic size :)

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Great infographic, especially in how it displays relative evolutionary relationships as well as relative proportions of species; interesting that Arthropods make up over 50% of species, while all of the plants and what we normally think of as animals - é.g., vertebrates - make up just a smidgeon! 

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Wow! What an amazing singer!! Most of the video is just of the judges trying to sell themselves afterwards, but she has quite the voice and she does share a bit of her background, which is also quite moving - and explains how she has the blues naturally in her heart. It amazes me how quickly everyone responds to a great blues singer, and how that genre seems to be so inadequate compared to pop music when it comes to actually making a decent living...

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Great new take on public wall/mural art - massive courtyard art!

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Beautiful work!

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My kind of walk-about! This is where a fully immersive VR would be simply incredible...
To Fly Free in Space
At about 100 meters from the cargo bay of the space shuttle Challenger, Bruce McCandless II was farther out than anyone had ever been before. Guided by a Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), astronaut McCandless, pictured bellow, was floating free in space.

McCandless and fellow NASA astronaut Robert Stewart were the first to experience such an "untethered space walk" during Space Shuttle mission 41-B in 1984. The MMU works by shooting jets of nitrogen and has since been used to help deploy and retrieve satellites. With a mass over 140 kilograms, an MMU is heavy on Earth, but, like everything, is weightless when drifting in orbit. The MMU was replaced with the SAFER backpack propulsion unit.  

Image & info via APOD


#nasa   #MMU   #space   #universe  

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Making the world a better place through art - bravo!
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