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The Yum Yum Factor (Carole Nelson Brown)
an artist with a brush and a knife - sounds like it could get scary
an artist with a brush and a knife - sounds like it could get scary

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Korean Potato Salad With or Without a Pressure Cooker
You can keep your because I have been craving my brand of KFC - Spicy Korean "Fried" Chicken- all week. They are like the sexiest little chicken nuggets on earth - all spicy, sweet and crispy. YUM Traditional Korean Fried Chicken calls for double deep fried...

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Caldo Verde With and Without a Pressure Cooker
You might have noticed that I am not publishing new recipes quite as often as I used to lately, but, trust me, I have a good excuse. A few months ago, I was hired on to design the menu for a new spot in Toronto's east end, The Kingston Social House. They wa...

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Today is last call for my Toronto Pressure Cooker Class at The Kingston Social, every Monday for the month of February
#cookingclass   #pressurecooker   #pressurecooking   #torontocookingclass   #instantpot  

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Turmeric Lamb Stew Under Pressure
Sometimes my favourite recipes are the result of a mistake (or what I like to call, a happy accident), an empty pantry or when Shack, mistakenly, turns our small freezer off overnight and when I check it in the morning, a bunch of stuff has thawed out. Sinc...

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Pressure Cooker Posole Verde
I have been taking my time, slowly converting many of my favourite recipes to work in my pressure cookers. Although I am a hard core Instant Pot fan ( I own four of them), I was given a Breville Fast Slow Pro at the end of the year to try out it.  In order ...

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Join My Learn To Pressure Cook Series Happening in Toronto This February!
It's a brand new year and that means it's time to get that electric pressure cooker out of the box, dust it off, put on your big girl panties and start pressure cooking. Oh I know, I know, you are kind of scared of it. Maybe your mom or your grandmother has...

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Stuffed Persimon® with Persimon® Black Pepper Gastrique
This post is sponsored by   Persimon®  It's November and that means it's Persimmon season which also means it's time for  Persimon®  persimmons (Rojo Brillante) all the way from  Ribera del Xúquer in Spain. These particular fruit, known for their firm flesh...

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Pressure Cooker Lahmajoun Beef Stew
First of all, I want to make it clear that this is NOT a magic, super fast pressure cooker stew recipe but it is still easier and quicker than doing it on the stove and the flavour is more intense so the extra steps are worth it. One the issues faced with m...

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Pressure Cooker Chicken Congee (Gai Jook) - Winter is Coming
So, what is congee, you might ask? It sounds exotic but it's really just a nice, soupy, savoury rice porridge that is the perfect remedy for frigid winter mornings. Even though we go for dim sum regularly, we don't usually order this because it's really fil...

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Sous Vide Duck BiBimBap
We all love a tasty rice bowl and I absolutely depend on it as a way to use leftovers without anyone suspecting they are eating leftovers, especially when I'm left with a little bit of this and that. It's the perfect way to stretch one leftover piece of pro...
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