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Hi all, please follow our Google Plus business page - where all the real action happens. :)
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How to turn a good week into a fantastic week: get mentioned by +John Mueller. Thank you, John!   
I love seeing how people use the Search Console API to do fancy stuff! Here's +Chris Liversidge extracting the data from the API into Excel, to find new opportunities. 
Columnist Chris Liversidge explains how you can use the Search Analytics API to glean insights from your search query data in Google Search Console.
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Linkbuilding tips that prove that despite what +John Mueller appears to have said, "linkbuilding" isn't dead.
John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, was captured in a Google+ hangout on February 13th saying that marketers should avoid focusing on link building, but instead focus on creating sharable content. While that is the main goal of content marketing, we still need to work at gaining ...
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Is the thought of another awkward Secret Santa this year inspiring audible sighs through your office?

Take part in the #SantaCause instead, and boycott Secret Santa to donate to charity! 

At QueryClick, we wil be donating to Shelter Scotland for #SocialMediaSanta, instead of pushing unloved and unwanted gifts into each other's hands.

Does that sound like something you would rather do? Share if you want to take part in the #SantaCause too! 
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Sad ....
Marketing is increasingly data-driven. But the data we choose matters. It’s tempting to cherry-pick the data that makes us look or feel good. Or the easiest data to persuade an audience to buy into…
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The Mobile-Friendly landing page cheat sheet:
The #Anatomy Of A #Mobile-Friendly Landing Page
Checklist via our recent #Twitter chat

We used tips by +Brian Massey +Brandon Seymour +Ed Leake +Thom Craver +Thomas J. Armitage +Sergio Redondo  +Aijaz ahmed  +Martin Kůra +Peter Starr Northrop and others!

#seo   #smo   #mobilefriendly   #responsivedesign  
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Don't be worried about keeping your best content on your website: there is always value in exposing it on other platforms.
A Challenge to the "Put Your Best Content On Your Own Site" Idea

This blog post from Moz ( had an interesting comment included from +Marie Haynes ( She said:

"...I've had people say to me that I should be posting my best articles on my own site.  However, the exposure that I get from Moz has been so valuable to my business and my personal branding.  I haven't tallied it up, but I would guess that more than 50% of my business comes from people who connected with me on Moz.  That's just amazing."

It reminded me that I've done similar things - giving some of my best presentations at other people's events, putting up some of my best content on other sites (e.g., and hosting a lot of content on other sites (Slideshare, Twitter, G+, etc). While I think there's still some value in putting great stuff on our own sites, I'm thinking less and less rigidly about that "rule" and more about what I'm trying to accomplish and whom I want to reach. I think Marie's got the right idea, and the evidence to back it up.
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Performance: Improved.
Welcome to QueryClick's official Google Plus!  As a leading UK search agency, we deliver a blend of SEO, PPC, CRO and social media solutions to maximise return for our clients.

Join our circles - we love a good chat, and we've got plenty of great SEO tips and tricks to help you become an SEO superstar yourself!
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