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Jamie Adair
Author of History Behind Game of Thrones
Author of History Behind Game of Thrones

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HBO may start selling stand-alone service. Goodbye cable TV? #gameofthrones

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Have you seen Gone Girl yet? Did you like the movie? I think I might be in the minority. Check out my review of David Fincher's adaptation. 

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Historian and novelist Dr. John Henry Clay introduces us to the dramatic Brunhild - and wow what a dramatic story she has. I didn't know anything about her before he wrote the article. Definitely check out: #gameofthrones #history

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Check out the dazzling job Game of Thrones did creating costumes. I had no idea there was such intricacy, symbolism, and study of characters involved in costume design.

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Great article by Olga Hughes on the Wars of the Roses and Game of Thrones - in particular, the relationship between the brothers. #gameofthrones #warsoftheroses #richardiii

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Thanks Gabriel Utiyama for mentioning History Behind Game of Thrones in this article.

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Definitely check out this fantastic book.

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Very cute! But, I'll be sad when it is over.
Eagerly awaiting the Game of Thrones season finale this coming weekend... 
Should be 66 minutes of amazing!
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The Battle of Castle Black is bigger, better, and more exciting than Season 1′s Battle of the Blackwater, which Neil Marshall also directed. If I had to rate “The Watcher’s on the Wall,” I would fly in the face of some critics and give it a ten. #gameofthrones #WatchersontheWall
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