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Adam Knight
2D Animator in the SF bay area
2D Animator in the SF bay area

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Pickle & Peanut Storyboard Test
About six months ago I tested for a new show airing on Disney XD called Pickle & Peanut.  This was my first storyboard test.  I learned a lot from doing the test and hope to do more tests in the future.  Storyboarding is quite challenging, but it's fun comi...

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CGMA - Environment Design Week 08
Here's my final piece for the Environment Design course I've been taking.  I enjoyed the class and had a lot of fun developing this piece.  My teacher, Aaron Limonick, demoed over my piece and gave me a little of direction and inspiration as to where to tak...

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CGMA - Environment Design - Weeks 6 & 7
Our last week of the class is here and we're working on our final piece.  Here's some more work from the previous weeks that I did to come up with my final composition.  The piece below is a rough idea where I'm taking things using shape and color.  I still...

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CGMA - Environment Design - Weeks 4 & 5
Here's some of the work I've done for my class over the past 2 weeks.  We've started working towards our final project.  Week 4 we did some exploratory composition ideas. Week 5 I explored of one those ideas a bit more and did some color studies.  This week...

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CGMA - Environment Design - Week 3
This week we had to come up with 3 compositions and do more visual development work.  I could have spent a week on each individual one, but with only one week and D23 on the weekend, this is as much as I could finish.  I would like to take these concepts fu...

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CGMA - Environment Design - Week 2
This week our assignment was to do our own compositions, but lengthen the time spent on them to 2-2.5 hours per composition.  I decided to mess around with some location ideas in a personal project of mine.  The goal was to experiment with different lightin...

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CGMA - Environment Design - Week 1
I decided to take another CGMA course for the summer.  I'm taking Environment Design with Aaron Limonick.  This week we had to do 10 value studies from film or animation and then design 3 of our own.  The catch is that we could only spend 25 mins on each on...

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My New YouTube Channel!
It's been a little while since I've updated this blog.  I've been busy in and out of jobs, updating my portfolio, and finding new work.  While I've been doing all of that though, I decided to start up a youtube channel.  I'd love to turn it into a full time...

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Sirens of the Sea - Sketchbook Cover
Check out the cover for my mermaid sketches.  I just sent the final PDF to the printers and the sketchbooks should be arriving next week!  If you are going to CTN you can pick one up at Table 26, if not I'm sure I will have a few left over for online sales.

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Under The Sea - Part 2
Here are the rest of the mermaids that will be in my little sketchbook for CTN this year.
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