How do interrogations work in FATE?

So, in my last post ( I was asking about how one captures someone (and other variously related questions) during a conflict.

Now, the PCs have captured the bad guy. He's mid or low level in his nefarious organization, but the PCs f don't know anything much about him or the organization (early in the campaign).

They want to interrogate him. He doesn't want to tell them anything. As GM, I figure I want them to learn some stuff, but it's early and I'd like there to be some mystery for awhile before they really get a good grasp on the details of the organization.

The only tools I really see are for mental conflicts. The PCs have leverage because they are PCs and probably will torture the guy. The baddie doesn't have any real knowledge of them. If this is a conflict, how do I narratively justify the baddie damaging them? Of it's not a conflict what is it?

And, I guess, how do I make this interesting and not a foregone conclusion where the PCs just ratchet up the torture until they learn everything they think there is to learn or the guys is dead?
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