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I finally took 2 minutes out of my day to figure out how to tab between different windows on a Mac. Call me a geek but I'm excited as hell about all the time I'm about to save, enjoy!

Switch between different windows of the same application: Command+~ (for example if you have multiple windows of Firefox). Shift+Command+~ moves in the reverse direction.
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+Stephen Courtright There are a couple other gripes I have with Macs, like not being able to easily cut and paste files. I haven't used the new Windows too much, but at least when I switched over about 5 years ago, using Macs were a much more fun experience. Expose was also a pretty awesome feature back then and it beat the pants off the whole Windows tabbing business.
I tried command + ~ and it toggles between applications, not windows within apps, on Mac OSX.
+Brad Berens I'm using OSX as well. Have you checked that it's enabled? You can find it under System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts
+Stephen Courtright but you can only switch between applications, not between windows of the same application. Alt-tab and ctrl-tab work the same way on Mac. cmd-~ is pure awesome when you work on a multi-window project.
Not there in Keyboard Shortcuts. No biggie.
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