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I finally took 2 minutes out of my day to figure out how to tab between different windows on a Mac. Call me a geek but I'm excited as hell about all the time I'm about to save, enjoy!

Switch between different windows of the same application: Command+~ (for example if you have multiple windows of Firefox). Shift+Command+~ moves in the reverse direction.
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"See, it's kinda like what you do on every other computer in existence, but it's different. No, there's no good reason for it, but we're going to let you assume it's more aesthetic or something."
+Stephen Courtright There are a couple other gripes I have with Macs, like not being able to easily cut and paste files. I haven't used the new Windows too much, but at least when I switched over about 5 years ago, using Macs were a much more fun experience. Expose was also a pretty awesome feature back then and it beat the pants off the whole Windows tabbing business.
+Ivan Manida, I'm not sure what you mean. Between Alt+Tab and Ctrl+Tab (and the +Shift variants of each), I've never had trouble doing this operation on a modern Windows or Ubuntu OS.
I tried command + ~ and it toggles between applications, not windows within apps, on Mac OSX.
+Brad Berens I'm using OSX as well. Have you checked that it's enabled? You can find it under System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts
+Stephen Courtright but you can only switch between applications, not between windows of the same application. Alt-tab and ctrl-tab work the same way on Mac. cmd-~ is pure awesome when you work on a multi-window project.
Not there in Keyboard Shortcuts. No biggie.
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