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Great presentation Vincent.
I fully agree, yet G+ is about one more thing:

To make Google's core market, search + advertising, social and thus future proof. G+ is the way (thoughtfully copied from Facebook) to learn a lot about every user in order to tailor search results and advertising to him/her.
Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.
Very well put! With the sheer numbers of users that google has this makes so much sense!
Interestering. Especially: "You're my friend. I might not share with you."
Good presentation ... I really like it. Thanks.
Good presentation and very interesting conclusions. Thanks for sharing!
Hi Vincent, I left a comment on your posterous. Hope to hear from you.
Also, that infrastructure is closely linked to Android (ie, Google) phones, where it is already making a difference.
+Charles Forsyth Spot on with Android. Really excited about the upcoming tablets too. They're just scratching the surface, there's going to be a whole ton of interesting apps to build on top of G+ for all of Google's devices.
You know how many people use Google? >>1Billion >750Million. Everything is possible and I don't think what you are stating here is contradicting google's aim at dramatically increasing its presence in the social realm. That being said, FB/Twitter should all be worried, of course MS as well.
+Vincent Wong You should put this in to a presentation and upload to Slideshare, think it'll do well.
Good job, Vincent. Straight to the point. =)
nice. I like both content and form :)@presentationzen would be glad :D
Thanks, Vincent. This is awesome.
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+Vincent Wong well done, very insightful. Microsoft stands to lose a lot. Not sure if I agree about Apple though. Apple is the BMW in the tech industry.
Sure would like to see this on slideshare.
I like it, but I'm not sure I agree Twitter shouldn't be worried.

The second someone releases a tool that posts the same content to G+ & twitter every blogger and proffesional will post the same to both sites, and with the (proposed) release of threaded comments on G+ there will be a lot more interaction pr post here. With more and more people having acconts both places it's easy to imagine that most of the interaction will migrate here.

If we suppose a better integration to blog comments (at least to blogger) in the near future, the combined force would be a hard act for twitter to follow. Anyone earning money on visitors to their blog or site will spend most of their effort where it generates the most buzz. If G+ demonstrates the ability go generate more traffic pr interaction, focus will shift here.
Interesting theory about what plans G have for G+, and excellent presentation! But I'm not surprised about the integration part. I would be surprised if G would NOT integrate G+ with their other services. Picasa is already in there, and probably Gmail is the engine behind the possibility to send email from G+. Rumors says G has some plans for business features as well, and that sounds realistic based on the fact that all necessary basic "desktop" applications are already in place. The step to put it all together and offer "project spaces" (paid?) is very short.
+roy marvelous. Apple is an interesting case, I wouldn't worry so much about iOS. I don't have any numbers on this but I think it's safe to assume that a large number of apps being paid for are for entertainment. Facebook and Zynga have this play graph pretty tightly integrated into these apps already. Anyway, no one will want to move their Farmville over to G+.
But what about the Mac App Store? We're going to see a growth in the number of more powerful productivity tools being built there. Thus far Apple has done a poor job of trying to add a social layer on to iTunes and they'll have to get this right for the Mac App Store.
Does anyone have data on the breakdown of App downloads by category (e.g. business, entertainment, etc.)?
Thank you very very much for sharing this. I've been arguing the same for a couple of days in the danish communication circles, and it seems to me that "social media" consultants and people too occupied with the existing markets miss the point, and don't recognize their own tunnel vision. This must open their eyes. Very nice presentation. I shared it.
Wow this is excellent +Vincent Wong. Thank you so much for making this. Do you plan on making a video voice over of all of these slides? It rocks. One image I'd add. The G+ bar in Youtube! That's going to be epic for sharing!
Great presentation, If i could +10 something I'd do it here for the 1st time. Do you have any thoughts on data and how G+ may utilize it verses FB?
+Vincent Wong I don't see the Apple App Store(s) as such a target, but more likely this: If G+ becomes the standard for "socially-enhanced" business collaboration (and it looks that way now), then Apple has to decide if it's going to treat the G+ App for iOS as a first-class citizen or not (because of the deal with Twitter for iOS). Which could push Android as the mobile OS of choice for business use.
+Vincent Wong - Apple, Microsoft - but also Flicr and Amazon will be affected by this. By the convenience factor which kicks in half a million times every day - when someone activates his new Android phone - and automatically enters the Google Cloud of integrated services. This is Blue Ocean strategy if anything. Google has the hardware access - via Android - to the two fastest growing media markets: Smartphones and Tablets.
Microsofts Office 360 is hit right in the face here.
But Amazon is too. Google books carry 3 million free titles, and a growing number of paid titles. It will be there - right in the context of your and your friends behavior - pushing books to you, that are relevant to whatever you're doing right now - and the purchase will be one click away, and be added to your phone bill. How cool is that?
The images you decided to upload to Flickr and share - will now be directed to your Google Photos account, and be readily available in every one of your online acitivities - one click away - if only you stay in the Google Cloud.
How's that for direct and unfair competition to a "silo service" like Flickr?

This is redefining the game completely. And "social" is just a very small part of it.
Very thought provoking. Vincent my money is with you at the moment and I believe you have 'hit the nail on the head' so to speak.
Great work. Excellent food for thought. This post in itself demonstrates what I love about G+.
well played, informative, engaging, and interesting. and a very creative use of google+'s galleries that i may have to try myself sometime (;
Very insightful! Thank you very much for your thoughts on G+, you gained a new follower.

I agree a 100%, but whats missing in your presentation is the importance of a social signal in search. Google is a Search company first. They couldn't just wait for facebook to come out with a search product with deep social integration.
+Gunnar Langemark well said, Google is adding a (finally workable) social integration layer to all of its properties with this. What Yahoo should have done about 3-5 years ago...

The UI refreshes/integrations already under way for Gmail, YouTube and Picasa, as well as those still very likely in the works (Blogger, GoogleReader) are all very welcome, and will drive adoption, including by the mainstream (can you say "all YouTube accounts convert to G+"?! YouTube and Blogger comments integrated with G+?! Etc.).
It's a good observation, & one that I suspect will gradually occur to users as they explore new ways to share & collaborate. That was, after all, the goal for Wave; apparently it just needed a more "social" feel. Now I'm waiting & hoping to see Google Voice integrated with Circles, & for tighter integration in Android.
Graham - I partly agree. The revenue from ads is of course central to Googles business, but you miss the point that this is not about the past markets - but about future markets and future ways of organizing the web. Google+ is the social part of gluing all the G services together in a platform that works seamlessly, elegantly and conveniently.
+Jake Phoenix If this is wrong and not useful, what would you say G+ is really all about? I'm neither agreeing nor disagreeing, just interested in your different perspective. Thanks!
that's all pretty logic dude! nice thoughts, and I also think that we're gonna see Google everywhere in the future.
Thanks Vincent - I got to try out a new Chrome extensions on this post, e.g. it share to twitter :)
Great presentation. You should add an angle on the advertising aspect of G+... Google will be gathering massive data on people's online behavior etc.
Wow, just hit 1000 shares!
Just like what I wrote on my blog ( ), I agree with your premises. but i believe google+ is just an addition to the many "programs" of google to create a monopoly in the internet world. I dunno but I think it's just a plus for social networking. Only better because of the circles & sparks & hangout & others.
I believe the integration has long been there before because as a gmail user, I already noticed that long before google+ was launched. maybe it just got highlighted when g+ came. So google has g+, gmail, calendar, groups, sites, etc.) Just saying...
+Graham J Your'e right. We're guessing, and of course the best guess is to say that they're protecting their position as the dominant provider of search and the advertising revenue resulting. That doesn't require much thinking or perspective to grasp.
My point is - that this perspective is blind to future developments - where ads and search are not at the center of Googles business. Some of these we have discussed here - Amazon and Microsoft being two of them. Google is positioning itself to take their share of the cake in e-business like Amazons, and in Office solutions like Microsofts. Revenue from these markets are much more than advertising.
I simply want us to try a broader perspective.
Nice work. You have hit the nail on the head here, Vincent.
Absolutely - the stakes are high. Facebook is implementing their own "currency" and will be taking the roll of Paypal in their system. (Apple already does this and charges 30%). Google has finally figured out how to swing their search power into a road to get in this game. When search results are heavily impacted by G+, they will naturally funnel millions into their system. It is an epic struggle going on many fronts.
+Vincent Wong You did an amazing job. The only thing missing was Android integration :)
+Luis Levy +Graham J I don't mention this explicitly but I do try to make the point with the android/honey comb logos and @cross platform
Nicely done. Not just insightful; visu-eloquent!
Nails it. Beautifully done too. Thank you for taking what many have been trying to articulate and expressing it in such artful, succinct and compelling terms.
Fantastic analysis. I wish I could +2.
Interesting, you could be right! And if it's true, the entire IT world will change radically!
That's very insightful. Here are the battle lines: SAAS vs thick client.
What you've just laid out is that G+ brings "social" & "social collab" to Google ecosystem. As that goes head-to-head with M$ Office 365 and AAPL iCloud, what are the Δs? Latency. Rich UX. Lost productivity due to non-business component of "social." Sys Integration Overhead (adoption potential in middle of bell curve). Google overestimates the IQ of the middle of the bell, Facebook underestimates it--or just doesn't give a squirrel's a$$. MSFT designs & markets only to IT decision-makers. Who does that leave?
So many symbols and terms I didn't understand! =p
I didn't really understand a word of that. 
+Jeremy Elliott Among those statements - I find some very insightful. Google overestimating the IQ - and FB underestimating it. I guess I agree - and I never thought of that. I hope Google will continue that way.
MSFT actually designs and markets to other than IT decision makers - but the do have their aim focused mainly on businesses - and that is quite interesting in terms of how Google and MSFT will go head to head in the cloud office market.
Apple should be scared s...less. Their hopes to capitalize on their "complete package" has been undermined by Googles move - and I'm not sure they'll experience as much success in the coming years. Probably most people will blame it on Steve Jobs leaving the helm, but the fact will most likely be - that their headstart in the realm of total integration - has vaporized.
Regarding lost productivity - I'm not sure I agree. I believe that the measure of productivity in that regard, is pointing the wrong way. It mimicks the way we measured productivity in the age of industrialism. Productivity today can be the ability to extract the ONE good idea from the cloud and apply it to the problem you're dealing with at work. And that may just happen to demand, that you spend a whole lot of time on G+.
+Gunnar Langemark, I don't disagree with the meat of your offering. Do keep in mind that we are seeing not tiny iterative launches by these players but some pretty big unveilings staggered somewhat apart. Apple should be scared but we're saying that based on what's on the table right now, pre-iCloud, pre-lion, pre-iOS5. I agree that G+ will help many in the Knowledge Sharing but it won't penetrate enterprise along those levels (in its current incarnation)--there are already robust platforms for Business Social out there doing just that.

Last month, two 1sts happened. Users logged more time on FB than on Google, and users logged more time on mobile (apps+browsing) than on PCs. Google+ may help google stem those tides on both fronts. This ecosystem is starting to click. Apple has nothing that will come close on the social side of things.
Sure, as long as you put me in your credits =)
i'd really like to see the different apps inside google collaborating well. For me google is "like" McDonalds my everyday fastfood, what i miss is the collaboration between gmail + docs + social(orkut) + chat is not consistent across platforms (android, Suse desktop). i liked the concept of wave it had everything, sad it got axed and it didnt have mobile version. if the wave concept is implemented as community(google groups update as forums) inside google+ (accessible by mobile as well) would be a killer app.

a good presentation
U truly enlighten me on what G+ is abt... awesome presentation...
Spot on - Closer collaboration & sharing of our everyday content & interests! However, Google will enjoy taking users away from Facebook (just a little bit)!
It makes sense for Google to try and own uncontested territories in the social network universe, hence G+'s strenght in sharing apps and platforms
However, i predict that their will be a merger that will shock us all.... Facebook + Micorsoft. Then the internet will be shared in two... well.. almost two. Apple will still exist in geek universe, that sub culture that of creative people that will not die off, however, for the rest of us, there will be Google and Micro-Book! That's the only way out
Poww... Excelente apresentação... Realmente o Google+ tem que comer muito feijão com arroz para chegar ao nível do Facebook.
+'Juann Henrique Souza Glad you enjoyed it! Would you be interested in translating the presentation in Portuguese? We could reach a much greater audience that way!
It would be a good idea to translate to our language, Vincent Wong...
I have these in powerpoint slides and they can be translated easily, would you be interested? Or do you know someone who might be?
Illuminating! Future will tell ... but it is about collaboration, not social.
Nice job Vincent! Thank you!
...I've no smart-phone; no music pod; no docs.; no downloads nor credit card transactions; nor e-banking; just some time-wasting, wikipedia; g-mailing, and some enquiring. Oh yeah. read some newspapers and blogs. Not too many eggs in this basket. Google's intent is cristal clear, always was. Besides, how could G+ be considered 'social' with total strangers, other than cross-referencing info ? I'm in, and it's ok. Big return for small investment. Market-on, but call before coming.
Very Interesting (and motivational) your presentation. Specially that part about the oceans....
except now you done spilled the beans so g+ cant sneak up n surprise them
Without searching yet, I wonder what the graphs slide would look like now, 3 years later
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