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What G+ is really about (pst!!! it's not social)
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makes me curious about how g+ will really effect the social media scene
Why are you digging deep to find something g+ is about? Google have the best engineers. They gave us search, email, bought picasa and youtube, gave us the Awesome android. They are simply tying their apps together in a integrated interface. They want to keep their products current. Otherwise they will become a dinosaur. Don't dream up ridiculous theories.
Yes, G+ is about integrating all Google apps from Web Search to Docs into the social landscape.
but how i can like the pic in lightbox mode?
+Justin Cook integrating apps together isn't that easy, not because of technical reason, but and mostly because of politics. I imagine products are normally owned by different teams, each wanting control over their own turf. Meetings and meetings and meetings later, you normally get a Frankenstein version rather than a clean polished product. It's rare to see unity in companies this big and I'm excited to see Google coming round.
aha - google+ is the final solution for our future. Nice.
Thanks! This makes G+ much more interesting - not just a FB alternative!
Thx dude. This really nailed it for me.
Vincent, you have got it well wrapped up. Was having a similar thought all these years that i was using all apps, now, they are all tied together, almost like the days of web-portals, but much better, and futuristic!!!
@Vincent Wong :Lightbulb: This makes SO much sense, especially from the android angle. 
The only thing left to worry about is when will it become self-aware. Google+ is Skynet.
Norv N.
Thank you, great piece of work! why wasn't a Google presentation made and then just simply shared? Wasn't that one of the major points in this album??
Wonderful presentation! Thanks a lot - just shared it with my peers.
+DragonDon . you got me, right now Google Docs isn't ready for making nice presentations. I can only assume this is in the pipeline. Give them some time, they're only 2 weeks into their launch!
@peter nevins you call it skynet, I call it the hivemind. 
And trust me, postmodernism has guaranteed it is self-aware.
It was interesting and I have passed it along to give those who thing this is just another FB.
Great presentation. Is it better that there's multiple instances of this being passed around creating micro conversations or worse that it's breaking the chain of collaboration?
nicely done! worth passing around!
Very interesting. And true. 
nice presentation, Thanks :)
thanks! You should move your blog on G+ ! ;)
+Jacopo GIOLA You know i suggested that you could blog with G+ and someone said it wouldn't be any good? He should do that for real, if its truly possible!

Overall rating
I've seen demos of Google employees creating pretty nifty presentations with Docs (years back when they launched it). I think most people just don't know how to maximize its potential, myself included. +dragondon +vincent wong
Vincent, thank you for putting this brilliant presentation together. I think you nailed it!
Incredibly insightful and encompassing. Will be sharing a lot. Kudos to you Monsieur Wong :)
Same as always, the greatest thing since sliced bread... six months later whine whine whine... I'm still happy with Twitter and Facebook and my blog... G+ is the new kid, a new toy, it seems good now and I think I'll make good use of it but I'll be hearing whines till Diaspora pops out... It's the circle of liiiiiife.
Great way to communicate and interact with so many people. I believe the best part of the presentation is that everyone has freedom to write whenever and wherever they wish too. They also can just select a portion of it and use it. And the most superb part is this vertical column besides every single slide (image) that makes it live and interesting. Thanks a lot Mr. +Vincent Wong.
Very nice, love the different perspective. Thanks for sharing.
Excellent presentation, thanks for the input and for sharing these slides!
Thanks for helping to break + down for me.
very nice Vincent Wong, thanks for sharing :-)
It is a walled Google garden. Unless Google allows third partys to run their own G+ service (take the analogy of running Email SMTP services), what you outlined here remains a pipe dream.
Wow, that was really well put together -- and thought-provoking too.
Thank you, sir, for this great presentation!
Great presentation!, very informative and complete. Only time say us if google+ beat to facebook and twitter.
Nice one, looks like a good and probable strategy. Google is not the best in everything, but it's becoming the only place that actually hás everything. A lot of the services do or can complement each other, which increases the value of the total. 
Interesting. The angle you're not seeing is the effect of +1/sharing on search results.
Insightful presentation. Presents g+ in a very new light for me.
::goosebumps::. That was awesome!
One of the things you don't cover, between streams and live feeds. Facebook does everything and does it poorly. AIM/Yahoo came up with better chat a decade ago. Their messages pale to e-mail. Their photo hosting sucks. Their feed filters people out using magic goo no one understands. Twitter shows you everything and you can use a Twitter app to filter things the way you want. Google streams don't have a mysterious filter. You chose your filters, your circles. People are sick of the filter bubble. People are sick of FB's crappy services. The only thing FB does well is connect people. Google+ is bringing their top services into an arena that will connect people.
Great storytelling. Google Apps still aren't easy enough to use and learn for the average person. When I collaborate on a project, I try to get the other people to agree to use Dropbox or Google Docs or some central cloud storage point, but still there are tons of people who can't figure out how to use and so rely on (argh!) email.
Just the simplest explanation what G+ is and what it can be...
That actually got me pretty excited for G+. AWesome!
Excellent album. So g+ is actually going into a blue market hu? I feel silly for not thinking of it like this sooner.
I think these are all very astute observations. Ultimately, I think we all benefit if all technology companies are in a state of ongoing "unease." This provides them the motivation to create better products. As a result, we all win.
Real innovation comes from other incentives (read non-monetary in the first place) as numerous studies have shown. The "unease" may help for short term innovations but not in the long run and not for profoundly new things.
this is great. Thank you for sharing. BTW, thisimage viewing experience is fantastic
Fun presentation, thanks for making it. One point to note is that G+ is so early in its development, it's hard to compare it to other social media's at the moment
Very Nice presentation and i will share it my friend.
I like the presentation. The funny thing is anyone will succeed at making a new era of social networking it will be Google.
This kinda scares me- I just hope Google remains a 'gateway' to the Internet and doesn't try to BE the company that owns all our personal media is a little frightening (especially once we all own Google chrome laptops and android smartphones that only run on the cloud...)
The game plan for G can be even wider than drafted in the presentation...
Great analysis. I thought it was awesome just following a presentation like this with great commentary. Thanks!
It's grand to have a completely integrated platform and that is what G+ is all about, adding the missing link to complete the circle of apps Google has to offer. Social.
I apologize if I am intruding, but I really like the points you have made.

Helps put things in perspective.

Thank you very much.

well, the presentation itself is an excellent demonstration why g+ is different.
Great point of view! Thanks for sharing.
Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing... Google+ is definitely about social collaboration. i have already seen this happen since I joined the new world!
thanks for all the commits
Great slideshow! And google docs has great opportunity for presentations!
People are pretty slow to switch social media platforms and I am still having some trouble understanding the RO(time)I for this - ppl aren' just going to delete their FB accounts and switch over completely... so much upkeep!
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes and YES!!!!
Freaking awesome! I thought I was excited by google + before. Wow is all I gt to say
WOW!!! i love it and i'm excited to be in this pipeline...thanks Vincent!
Excellent presentation. Really illuminates the big picture of Google's project.
You nailed the points that I had in mind when I started using G+
This was the most dramatic presentation I've ever seen. Lol. There are so many flaws in that argument that all I could do was laugh
What a great presentation...sure is starting to make sense (peaking at the future of Google+'s potential) Nice work!
Great post! Everbody who reads this carefully will be steps ahead. Where do you think google shopping will be?
Nice work, but I'm convinced this is at least as much about keeping Facebook in check. Google's bread and butter is advertising, and both the place where people hang out (FB vs GOOG) as well as how much context you know (Social vs Page Rank) have huge influence on return on Ad Spend. Google simply could not afford to let FB continue to steal "Face time".
Interesting. Lots to think about there... lots I'd agree with too.
Outstanding presentation. But remember Google's whole objective is to sell advertising to a targeted market. The more information they gather, the better they can target their market. I'm certain a huge part of this endeavor is to tap into a new outlet from which they can continue to profile us.
I had this figured out. I Love using google products. They need to integrate Voice into +. I have to keep two tabs open to check my texts.
It's not Google+, it's Google++, and if you know C++ you know what that means...
How do I share this presentation with friends on FB to let them know more about G+?
I still find it hard to integrate everything considering I fear being over-reliant on Google alone, and yet I am increasingly so.
P. I.
I find your prepositions rather dansrychofaldian in the extreme, and expect a higher standard of presentation, as well as cute flash graphs, and pretty-colored flow charts, including cute little bunnies, and auto-tuned electronica themes providing jumpy beats in the background, dude. Step up your game.
Couldn't of said it any better +1
that was either total awesome or totally scary, hmm such a fine line
Well thats 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back....
That's very cool and thought provoking
That was rad! Bravo. Sharing...
Why do u always make everything more difficult to understand?
...annnnnd you just used it to make a power point presentation into my face. You rock and G+ rocks. Yay world =)
wowo google is going to dominate the world
Don't like G+ yet ... still waiting to b impressed. Thanks for the presentation.
Great. I like G+'s simplicity and cleanliness. Finally an explanation.
Nice clear view on the near future :) Awesome way of presenting as well!
Exciting stuff... Collaboration is key... What will win is to form mastermind groups for networking and learning and developing long term relationships.... Face to face...l bringing online offline 
Great insight, reconfirms my decision to jump in when I did. Google (+) clearly isn't going anywhere, irrespective of what Facebook does. Plus its sheer connectivity could mean that it ultimately becomes indispensable. +Vincent Wong
It's ironic funny that he shares his twitter id, but not his G+ contact haha
From Singapore - 你好! Nicely done slides with a fascinating look at the issue of Google+. Thanks!
Great way of using photos as a powerpoint - enlightened, love the integration of Red vs. Blue Strategy - practically though, takes a lot to move focus from FB to G+
Thank you for this slideshow but please elaborate on how google+ supposedly fixes colaborations?
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