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Bilal Akhtar
Abandoned accout, circle me here instead:
Abandoned accout, circle me here instead:

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Around 618 people haven't added me over on my new account yet. And, ironically I continue to get more followers here than on my new account.

So folks, it's time to add me on my new account, not this abandoned one.

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Hi folks, This is my new Google+ profile. Circle me there and uncircle me here!

Just downloaded Skyrim from Megaupload. Now taking arrows to the knee.

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Cool stuff! 
Much belated (I'm blaming the Death Cold™ that I had) are my pictures of CES. Or at least the Ubuntu booth.

We were tucked in near the back of one of the halls but still had tons and tons of people come by. It was awesome! (Hopefully next year we won't run out of CDs as quickly...)
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Going to send a letter tomorrow through the old style postal system. Can't wait for the moment when I write the address on an envelope and then affix a postage stamp!

Emails suck in comparison to this. No moar GPG signing or SMTP issues! 

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Saw this at LAX. Seems legit. 

I love it how properly everything's fitting together for Precise. Surely going to be the best Ubuntu release EVER.

Probably Lamar Smith hates cats, and that's why he's trying to kill the interwebz? 

The Western Union Canada website is a bucket of fail. All links to "pricing" and "transfer services" are broken.

So folks, Apple has reinvented the textbook, and our lives will never be the same. My magical and revolutionary new textbooks will set me back by $500 (iPad cost) + $15 per eBook.

The iPad won't have anything other than a grid-of-icons with a closed ecosystem. But, it would be magical and revolutionary. After all, it has a fruit logo on it!
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