I love this song. Especially this line (at around 3:24):

ullathile ulladhu dhaan ulagam kanna
idhai unarndhu konden, thunbam ellaam vilagum kanna

ullathile ulladhu = what's in (one's) mind
ulagam = world
Kannan is another name for Lord Krishna; it becomes "Kanna" when you call him
idhai unarndhu konden = I have realised this
thunbam ellaam = all (my) sorrows
vilagum = move astray; go away

The world is what's in (our) mind (literal translation; see below)
I have realised this, (so) all my sorrows will go away

The first line looks awkward because it's literal translation. I'd translate that line to something like "you create your world within the bounds of your own mind".

I am not translating the full song unless anyone asks me. What do you think of the song? Leave a comment. If you're not sure what to say, say something like "more like this" or "oh please spare us" :)
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