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Lance Feagan

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Lance Feagan

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A 360p upload isn't helping the veydra show its stuff.

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The last two minutes of this episode of MCM are hilarious and awesome. Great job on the harp... uh... intercooler.

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If you enjoy the music from Star Wars and light choreography, this video should be right up your alley. I certainly enjoyed it.

Best of Star Wars Music Christmas Lights Show 201…:
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Lance Feagan

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Recently I have been digging into the operational status of the IBM Informix JSON Listener in high-load, multi-tenant production environments. While I do most of my development work on a Mac using the Oracle (Sun) JVM, the systems I have been analyzing…
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This is likely an issue with leakage as a result of the small cell size and reduced well area around each cell in TLC. The sense circuitry taking a long time to read likely indicates low current levels and electron potential and could also cause error correction to kick in.

A firmware-based solution could be created. However, it would result in extra write cycles, which could be considered unnecessary, depending on the performance vs endurance balance you were targeting. Of course, the potential for data loss also exists, and in that case the extra write cycles would universally be considered necessary.

Lance Feagan

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Perhaps even more impressive than having many of the features of today's smart watches is that these 20 year old designs have battery lives far greater than the 24 to 48 hours of modern "successors". Old school ftw!
The Apple Watch has been out for over two months now, and other modern smartwatches well before that. It’s no longer the stuff of sci-fi to consider using your watch to play music, control your TV,...
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This is one of the most ingenious and thoughtful designs I have seen on a gun. Thanks for sharing Ian.

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Two for the price of one: an entertaining FN P90 "review" and a nice remix of Halcyon by Orbital. Most excellent!

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Excellent work by the Android tooling devs to make life easier with gradle. Having moved all of my active projects to gradle, I now loathe dealing with the inactive projects built with Ant, Eclipse, or Maven as they are so brittle.

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After much painting, these ducks are ready to quack.
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Hi Matt, if you still have the card and haven't used it give Photorec a try. Even if you have used it since losing your images, it is surprising to see how many images from long ago can be recovered. This can also be a bit disturbing if you ever let someone else borrow or sell/give a memory card to someone. But being enlightened is not a bad thing.
Uber Programmer and Developing Woodworker
I love designing APIs and writing extremely modular software and libraries. At present I have been working a few years creating the infrastructure to perform high speed data loading and analysis of temporal data (often referred to as time series data) at IBM.

My education and work interests have morphed significantly over the course of my life. I was fortunate enough to have opportunities that enriched my knowledge and wisdom and shaped my life in positive ways.

I started off doing Apple Basic and Pascal programming in elementary school. My parents were wise enough to purchase an Apple II GS (with a color monitor!) for me at a very young age. As I moved into my teenage years I became a C and C++ programmer. In 1995, at age 15, I installed my first Linux distro on my Pentium 166 with 96MB RAM (an amazing capacity at that time). At the time I felt that C++ was the end-game and would spend the next decade feeling that way.

As an undergraduate, I got into VLSI design and did work on the original 3G chipsets from TI (through their Dot Wireless acquisition). The more I learned about the economics and timescales of CPU design and fabrication, the more I realized how risky (and crazy) the industry was. Briefly, the development timescales are many years (around 5) done by many hundreds to thousands of engineers with billions of dollars poured into fabrication facilities. Then, after having sunk 10+ billion into facilities, salary, and other expenses, you try (and hope/pray) to make money by selling most chips with a modest profit margin of a handful of dollars in enough volume to do it all again. The solution, in my view, is to make hardware re-programmable. FPGAs are one technology that enables this. So, I got into this for a while.

I believe (and hope) that someday computers will be more flat/uniform architecturally. Rather than having specialized physical interfaces for memory vs CPU vs expansion cards, there will be an active backplane that cards are inserted into. The cards that are inserted could contain one or more of any of the items necessary for operation. Cards would be able to discover and use the resources of neighboring cards (any card on the backplane). Basically a cluster in a box but with heterogeneous resources that are dynamically discovered. The only limitations would be the number of slots in the backplane (which could be expanded through riser cards) and the performance of the backplane. A flexible, programmable interconnect fabric would be very useful for such a system.

As an undergraduate, I also did quite a bit of work with OpenGL and enjoyed scientific visualization greatly. This led to me getting into game design. I was the lead developer of an extremely popular mod for the original Call of Duty, named Heat of Battle. HoB did some very innovative things but ultimately the publisher didn't take too kindly to us one-upping them with features that their expansion packs would later come out with that they wanted to charge for. This situation was little different from Apple revoking a previously approved app shortly before coming out with a new iOS version that included similar functionality. After doing this for a couple of years, I moved on.

For my masters thesis, I developed a system to enable collaborative bioinformatics research. Users had an electronic notebook into which they could places pages of various types, including block diagram workflows that could be executed on a large cluster to perform the computations specified. I will add more on this later, but the system did a lot. It is not hard to find papers on it if you search for my name.

Thankfully, my thesis work got me deeply into Eclipse and I have been a die-hard fan ever since. I regularly create new extension points to allow re-use of core functionality in new ways.

The last few years I have spent most of my time developing tools for other developers and for end-users to load and analyze temporal (time series) data. These get used for various IBM smarter planet projects (buildings, cars, electricity, etc). I really enjoy developing Eclipse plug-ins all the time. I have just under 200 I work with daily for this project. This has compelled me to write yet more plug-ins to deal with, for example, the massive number of files I have to ship to folks for translation and then import back in along with all sorts of renaming fun. Life is always exciting.

Things I Like
  • Design by contract
  • Extensibility frameworks
  • Eclipse
  • Java
  • Functional programming languages
Things I Am Not Fond Of
  • Programming languages that make enforcing contracts difficult
  • Mutable fields
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Leawood, KS
Leawood, KS - Claremont, CA - San Diego, CA - Palm Bay, FL
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Design and create {software, hardware, wood}
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    Design and create {software, hardware}, 2007 - present
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