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Hi. I have just uploaded a video about the results you can achieve using a professional upholstery cleaning company. You can see the vid here - or on the carpet and upholstery cleaning website -

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Should you scotch guard protect your furnishings. Well take a look at our latest article to find out!

We seem to be getting a lot of dog odour problems with carpets and upholstery at the moment. We must have had at least 20 over the last few weeks and we have gone through a lot of deodorizer! The difference with our company is we use a deodorizer with a built in bactericide so it does not just mask the smell but kills the germs. We also have a range of urine neutralisers to help with this type of problem, so don't worry we can make your carpets smell nice and fresh again!

Hi. We are extremely busy at the moment and we are booked up for a week and a half, so that's nice. We tend to get busy with domestic carpet cleaning this time of year after a quieter winter spell. We also have a few school jobs lined up for the summer holidays including some large areas of carpet and hard floors. The busy period usually lasts until Christmas, here's hoping!

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I want to share a video with you. This video is on our main home page - and it shows the types of cleaning services we offer. Here it is - Carpet Cleaning Burnley

We will be updating this page over the next few months and letting all our customers of Burnley Carpet Clean know the latest offers and discounts  for the summer!
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