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Enhance your home and lifestyle with clever home automation

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The recent update Version 2.0 to the FREE easy-to-use Android and iOS Mobotix App MxBell now adds the ability to play back recordings from any home automation Mobotix door station or surveillance camera, and to simultaneously view live view from multiple door stations and cameras. This makes MxBell much more than just a convenient way to receive push notifications when visitors press your door bell, and to remotely answer video calls.

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Mobotix recently released their first mobile App for ANDROID devices, called MxBell. Also available for iOS Apple devices, MxBell provides an exceptionally easy way to remotely answer incoming calls from Mobotix home automation door stations, to grant access, or to view other Mobotix IP cameras in your automated home. MxBell also supports Push Notifications on incoming calls, and two-way conversations to Mobotix IP cameras with inbuilt/connected microphones and speakers.

As with all other Apps and PC software from Mobotix, the MxBell Apps are available for free.

More information on the MxBell Android (and iOS) Apps is available at the below page:

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Inner Range are now offering home automation Integriti security internal and external keypads with integrated SIFER proximity card readers.

The SIFER card reader is a Smart Card reader designed and manufactured by Inner Range. It is a multi-drop RS-485 based reader that employs 128 bit AES encryption from the card through to the door module, providing a far superior level of security than that of traditional Wiegand based card readers. SIFER readers utilise the MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 card format.

Providing the option of including a SIFER card reader in your home automation security system keypads makes for improved aethetics (both in one neat enclosure), simplified installation, and greater security (optional card + PIN authentication) for your home's security and access control system.

More information is available at

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The Aristel SD-902 long range door station is now available. The SD-902 long range wireless door station works with EnGenius Durafon SN-902 V2 long range wireless phone systems if they have an appropriate firmware update.

Even though we primarily specialise in whole home automation solutions, we receive many inquiries for a stainless steel non-3G door station that supports a long range wireless link to a wireless phone system, and can remotely operate a door or gate - and the SD-902 fits this need.

More information on the SD-902 long range wireless door station is available at

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Clipsal Schneider electric recently released their new 3rd generation DIN mounting 5500SHAC C-Bus Home Automation Controller. A very similar 5500NAC for larger automation installations was also released. The new 5500SHAC home automation controller is a completely re-engineered product, with a different feature set to the previously (and still) available shelf/wall mounting Wiser 2 Home automation controller.

More information on the 5500SHAC Wiser for C-Bus Home Automation Controller is available at
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Krix have released a new uniquely designed compact indoor/outdoor in-ceiling compact speaker with high power and low bass capability. Called the Krix Helix, this speaker is particularly suitable for stereo, home theatre, and multi-room audio applications in automated homes. The Krix Helix is designed to be suitable for use under eaves outdoors, or in steamy bathrooms or kitchens.

More information on the Krix Helix is available at

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A new updated version 2.0 of the MxActivitySensor is now available to Mobotix IP home automation cameras via a firmware update released free from Mobotix. In addition to detecting motion in certain directions and predefined areas, MxActivitySensor 2.0 also differentiates objects depending on size and perspective, helping further reduce false alarms caused by birds and small animals.

More information on MxActivitySensor 2.0, and the application of Mobotix IP cameras and door stations to home automation, is available at

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Version 1.3 of the free Mobotix MxMC home automation IP camera software has been released. This version of MxMC software can now show a device bar on the left hand side of the window border. The displayed tree structure provides a structured overview, quick selection of elements and simplified
management of the video sources. The device bar serves the purpose of main navigation and information tool (as an alternative to the camera
and group bar) and it is very helpful especially when handling a larger number of cameras and groups. It can be used to accomplish the following tasks (among other things):
- Add new video sources to the system, then use drag&drop to add them to groups.
- Delete video sources from groups or from the system.
- Configure video sources (using the Camera Configuration popover.
- Change the order of the video sources within the groups.
- Switch between the different views for the groups.
- Select cameras or clips for showing them in the Live and Playback views.

The device bar has two different modes:
1. A selection mode for selecting cameras, clips, groups, and the views.
2. An edit mode for changing the properties of cameras and groups.

Other Improvements included in Version 1.3 MxMC software:
- Export into individual files
- When exporting several different segments of recorded video at the same time using the export list, you can now choose to export all ranges into one video file or into individual files, one for every segment of recorded video. For this purpose, the Export Profile dialog for choosing all export related
settings has the new Split Clips option.
- Additional camera status information. Both, the camera bar and the new device bar can show two additional icons for indicating special
camera statuses:
a) Limited Functionality: Indicates that this camera is running a firmware lower than 4.0 and that the program can only show the live image and the recordings using direct file server access.
b) Missing camera administrator password: Indicates that this camera has been integrated via public access and therefore does not support all MxMC features.
- Definition of the program look (header and control bars). Both the Header Bar at the upper window border and the Control Bar at the bottom of the application can now be hidden from view, if required. In the View menu, the new Header Bar and Control Bar entries have been added for this purpose. In addition, you can now customize these two
bars in the User Configuration dialog of the Application Handling entry.
- Favorites of Cameras and Groups. If the edit mode is active for the device bar, you can activate the star icon for individual cameras and groups if you want to use them as "favorites". To show only the favorites in the camera bar, the Filter Cameras slider now has a new Favorites setting. The group bar now has the Filter Groups slider to show all groups or only the favorites.
- Filtering the alarm bar. Using the Alarm Filter slider, you can now show either all events or only the alarms that have not yet been acknowledged.
- Hyperlink enhancements. After executing a hyperlink, the program briefly shows the corresponding icon in the image. It is now possible to define hyperlinks that are specific to groups. HTTPS requests and web severs that require HTTP digest authentication are now supported.

More information about using free Mobotix MxMC home automation IP camera software on your PC or MAC is available at

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The Mobotix D15 dual 6MP home automation IP dome camera is the ideal way to cover a panoramic 180° view in 12MP detail, allowing you to identify people and vehicles further from the camera than a single hemispheric lens would allow.

Unique flexibility arises from the Mobotix D15 IP camera's ability to use two high quality 6MP sensors:
- Pointed in the same, in opposite, or other directions to best suit each location.
- With high sensitivity colour, IR illumination sensitive B&W, or both camera sensor types.
- With hemispherix, wide and/or telephoto lenses.

Two way audio communication with your the Mobotix D15 home automation camera is supported by using an integrated microphone and speaker. An integrated PIR movement detector provides more reliable movement detection than optical detection alone, and supports other useful home automation or security system responses.

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Add MxDisplay+ functionality on your Windows or Mac OS X-based computers for free with MxSoftPanel software.

MxSoftPanel is free stand-alone application user software that supports the same user interface as the home automation MxDisplay+ and most of its functionality. MxSoftPanel also makes it easy to remotely change access control settings (e.g. entry permissions, entry times, adding/removing new PINs).

More information on MxSoftPanel software is available at
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