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Kyle Stubbs
Social Media and Content, Amateur Genealogist, Armchair Diplomat
Social Media and Content, Amateur Genealogist, Armchair Diplomat

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Had fun putting this together. 
We were featured on Natural Handyman! Check it out. 

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Some crazy footage of failed roofs in Boston. A look at the more drastic damage snow can cause.

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I had a lot of fun putting this together. Props to our install team for whipping out this demo so quick. #TimeLapse  
Check out this demo install of our Invizimelt product for Roof Deicing!

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No inversion today!
Installing ZMesh today. Check out the view! #BlueSky   #snowcappedmountains  

Just had this conversation with Comcast-

Rep: "I am calling today because Comcast would like to offer you unique deals for being an awesome internet customer"
Me: "Ok, what can you do for me"
Rep: "First I need to gather some info, who uses the internet most in your home and what do they use it for"
Me: "Do you have anything that can compete with fiber? I'd be interested in that"
Rep: "What is fiber sir?"
Me: "... Gigabit speeds? you know, 20 times faster than what you aren't delivering to me now, if you can offer me something comparable I'd be very interested."
Rep: "What is your cable situation?"
Me: "I have not and will never be a cable customer"
Rep: Thanks me and hangs up

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G+ now has polls! Do you care? 
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I've been waiting for this all my life!
No, no I don't
Didn't FB try polls once?

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Really enjoyed putting this one together.
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