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Every woman wants to feel beautiful on the day she gets married. Wedding photos last a lifetime and deciding what type of hairstyle you want on your wedding day can be a daunting task. At Blow Out, you can work with one of our many stylists to come up with the perfect wedding hair style on your special day. We will discuss your dress and wedding location to come up with your perfect wedding look. We’ll also work with you to come up with the perfect look to reflect the type of image you would like to portray for your wedding.

Blow Out’s stylists are thrilled to be a part of making your wedding day dreams come true with the perfect hair styling, including intricate styles like updos, half-up styles and braids. Our stylists are extremely creative and dedicated to making our clients look their best and have the best experience possible in luxurious accommodations. We’ll provide champagne for you and your wedding party in our beautiful salon while you are pampered and prepped for your special day.

Custom pricing is available for wedding parties. Please give us a call to discuss quotes and arrangements for your wedding hair styling needs.

Blow Out also offers a Royal Road Service for professional hair styling and makeup application in the convenience of your home or other location, such as a hotel. We offer all the amenities and services provided in our salon with our fully-equipped blow dry bar. Our stylists can also create the perfect wedding look with professional makeup application on your wedding day for you and your bridal party. Call Blow Out to discuss quotes for the Royal Road Service on your wedding day!

Blow Out’s Cancellation Policy
Our appointments are reserved at your convenience. Please give us advance notification of appointments that need to be rescheduled or canceled.
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Whether it’s a very special day or you need to create a certain look for an event, Blow Out’s professional makeup artists are here to help make you look your absolute best! You can call or book an appointment online with Jennica, Ashley, Jackie or Alejandra today! Our stylists are passionate about beauty and have studied extensively at some of the best schools in the industry. They have professional backgrounds and years of expertise, and they care deeply about making you look and feel absolutely amazing. Blow Out’s stylists are committed to client satisfaction and the best service you can find.

You can work with any of our stylists to make sure you are camera-ready for your personal or professional appearance and find the exact look you’re going for. Who doesn’t want to look her absolute best in any situation? Let Blow Out help you make the impression you want when it matters!

Blow Out’s Makeup and Lash Bar

• Make Me All Up: $35 -Full professional makeup application in the style of your choice
• Touch Me Up: $20 -Touch up your makeup all over or just the eyes
• Lash Me Up: $25 or $10 added to other makeup service -False lash application

Blow Out’s Royal Road Service

If you don’t want to leave your home, we will bring our palace to you. For those days when time is of the essence, or you need a personal touch.

• Blow Out: $75
• Updo: $120
• Makeup application: $75

Blow Out specializes in bridal and wedding party makeup. Blow Out also provides group services for professional makeup application for professional events and private parties. Please give us a call to discuss further details and quotes.

Blow Out’s Cancellation Policy
Our appointments are reserved at your convenience. Please give us at least 2 hours advance notification to reschedule or cancel appointments.
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Whether for work or play, Blow Out can quickly give you a professional look in our fully-equipped blow dry bar to give you the style you want! You can also discuss a custom blow out with one of our stylists for the specific style that you desire.

The Blow Out Experience: $35

Choose from any of our iconic styles: The Rodeo Drive Diva, The Dallas Belle, The Soho Chic, The Hollywood Glam, The Malibu Glow, The Broadway Siren, The South Beach Beauty or The Fifth Avenue Fashionista.

In 30-45 minutes, you will be out the door with your new style. The Blow Dry Experience includes shampoo, conditioner, relaxing scalp massage, blow dry and styling.

Refresh My Look: $25

Are you short on time? Want to maintain your look? We skip the wash and refresh your blow out with restyling using a hot tool or round brush.

Blow Out offers specific styling requests at our Blow Dry Bar:

• Add a Braid: $10
• Add a half-up style: $10
• Suzy Q: $25 for our clients aged 10 and under
• Updo: $60-75
• Clip in Extensions + Blow out: $50

Clip in Extension Drop Off Maintenance: $35

Are your clip-in extensions due for a cleaning? Drop them off, and we’ll have them cleaned and ready for pick up in 24 hours.

Brides and wedding parties, please give us a call for a quote.

Blow Out’s Hair Treatments

• Repair My Hair: $20 - Deep conditioning hair treatment with massage
• Repair My Scalp: $20 - Deep scalp treatment with massage
• Tame My Hair: $20 - Frizz reducing treatment for frizzy hair
• No More Oil: $20 - Oil reducing treatment for oily hair

Blow Out’s Straightening Treatments

• Agave Deep Conditioning Semi-Permanent: $30
• Permanent Straightening: Customize with your stylist

Blow Out’s Packages (All products are 10% off with purchase of packages)

• Queen For A Day: $100
• 3 pack of blow outs (save $5)
• Play Like A Princess: $195
• 6 pack of blow outs (save $20)
• Duchess Delight: $385
• 12 pack of blow outs (save $35)
• Windsor Weekend: $740
• 24 pack of blowouts (save $100)

Blow Out’s Royal Road Service:

If you don’t want to leave your home, we will bring our palace to you.

• Blow Out: $75
• Updo: $120
• Makeup application: $75

Brides and wedding parties, please give us a call for a quote.

Blow Out’s Cancellation Policy
Our appointments are reserved at your convenience. Please give us at least 2 hours advance notification to reschedule or cancel appointments.
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At Blow Out, we offer a fully-equipped luxurious blow dry bar manned with expert stylists who can work with all types of hair to give you the style you want and have you out the door quickly. No matter what type or length of hair you have, whether it’s long or short, curly or straight, thick or fine, Blow Out saves you time and gives you professional results.

You can choose a customized look or pick from one of our popular signature styles:

• The Rodeo Drive Diva: class and perfection, she turns heads with her world class style.

• The Dallas Belle: charismatic and alluring, she oozes personality and charm.

• The Soho Chic: sleek and sophisticated, she is mysterious and cultured urban maven.

• The Hollywood Glam: sculpted, glamorous and red-carpet ready, her beauty is timeless.

• The Malibu Glow: natural beauty, inspired by the waves, her style evokes sun-kissed radiance.

• The Broadway Siren: poised and dazzling, she commands attention with her inspiring look.

• The South Beach Beauty: confident and hot, she’s passionate and knows how to have fun.

• The Fifth Avenue Fashionista: modern and sophisticated, she’s the epitome of fashion forward and knows what she wants.

Blow Out also provides other services that include professional makeup application for a special occasion when you want to look your absolute best. Our stylists can also create the perfect wedding day look for you with hair styling and makeup. We also do eyelash extensions for great looking lashes that last, without the need and hassle of daily mascara.

Call our party planner, and we can put together an event with blow outs and drinks to start off a big night out. We’ll make sure you and your girlfriends have an amazing experience that will put you on the Orange County A-List for looking your absolute best!

We can create the look you want with styles ranging from glamorous and sleek to fresh and natural. We give you modern looks that showcase your personality and style.

Call us to book your next:

• Private Party
• Birthday Party
• Bachelorette Party
• Wedding Shower
• Baby Shower
• Corporate Event
• Prom
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