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The Art and Science of Beauty
The Art and Science of Beauty

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Facials: For The Beautiful You
A naturally healthy complexion is your best feature, or it could be. Healthy, well cared for skin tells the story of classic beauty, “fresh faced youth,” and sophisticated polish. It says that you know how to take care of yourself, and you’re worth it. Howe...
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How to Take Years Off Your Face Before a Big Event
Quick Fix To Put Your Best Face Forward If you have a major event coming up, then no doubt you will want a professional  facial in Studio City  to look your best. We can take years off your face with our anti-aging facial. This Epicuren Enzyme Treatment i...
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Lunch Break Beautification: 40-Minute Laser Skin Resurfacing
The true secret to beauty
comes from inside — it comes from confidence. But how do you combat the
withering of confidence if your outermost feature — your skin — chips away at
it daily? If you’re ready to do
something about it if only you had the time, you’...
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The Botox Difference: How It Works
Botox has been used by
many women to smooth unwanted wrinkles and other facial lines with great
results. Yet there are still some myths when it comes to what Botox is and what
it isn’t. Here’s a closer look at Botox and, specifically, how it compares to
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Consider a Chemical Peel
If you’re starting to feel
like the skin on your face isn’t getting clean enough when you wash it, or that
wrinkles are deeper than normal, you’re not alone. Just about everybody feels
like that sometimes. Besides aging, everything from sun exposure to clog...
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Botox vs. Belotero: Which One Is Right For You?
We see a lot of patients
with questions about both Belotero and Botox. They’re not actually the same
thing, though it’s easy to see how they both fall under a similar umbrella of
solutions for reducing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. People hav...
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Lucky for Lasers: High Tech Beauty and Skin Care with Real Results
Beauty and skin care have
evolved significantly over the last few decades. With the advancement of laser
technology and the exciting developments in the way skin responds to these
unique and effective devices, women can expect amazing results. Lasers are th...
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Microdermabrasion or Facial Fillers?
Modern skin tightening treatments offer different
ways to handle different skin problems. Women in Los Angeles have many skin
tightening treatments available, and microdermabrasion and facial fillers are
among the most popular. Generally, micro dermabrasion...
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NUYU for a New You
Teeth whitening is a growing part of the beauty and health
industry. When someone wants to invest in their appearance, teeth
whitening has become the number one choice and it continues to grow by
200% a year! There are stories about teeth whitening being...
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Why Hormone Therapy is Effective
Hormones are invisible; they operate in the background of our
daily lives. It’s like breathing. You don’t have to think about it, it
just works. If our breathing suddenly started struggling, we would
immediately notice. The same can go for hormones. It i...
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