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Jason Berge
Keep moving forward!
Keep moving forward!

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There will never be another you. You are not average. You have something amazing to offer this world.

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left right left right left right goal
Claude Giroux goes deke and done to win it for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Beautiful day to love life. 

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Today is a new day. 

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local dj +Dan Havelin first dance album. check it out & show support if you like dance music. 

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Local dj +Dan Havelin first dance music album. Check it out if you have a chance an show some support if you like dance music. 

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This is an awesome song. Local music producer +Dan Havelin not bad for a no name. =)

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My friend just released his first dance music album.. +Dan Havelin check it out and become his friend hes a cool guy. You can listen free on google play or buy it for $6 if thats not breaking your bank. =)

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My friend released a dance music album. It is really good. Please support him by liking his music & spreading the word. #dance   #electronic   #music  
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