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DYK? Heartworms are transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. Don’t let those bloodsuckers win! Get your #pets tested today.

Myth: Only outdoor pets are at risk of contracting heartworm disease. (Pesky mosquitoes can fly into the house.) #petcare #pethealth

The American Heartworm Society encourages testing on an annual basis. When was the last time we tested your #pets for heartworms? #pethealth

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Would you like to get back up to 90% of your pet's veterinary care? Consider Pet Health Insurance for as little as $12/month! #PetHealth

DYK: Pet Health Insurance isn't as complicated and expensive as human health insurance is. #PetHealth

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Here is a MUST SAVE phone number to Animal Poison Control!! (888) 426-4435 #Pethealth #poisonprevention2015

Happy Poison Prevention Week! ALL week we will be posting info on preventing #pet poisoning. Stay tuned!! #pethealth #poisonprevention

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Confused about all the pet health insurance plans and companies? Check out this website to help guide you!

Does your pet’s mouth smell eww? Odor can signal serious health problems. #pethealth #pets #petcare
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