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Don “Dshizzel” Shelman
"An over the hill white guy with 'Shizzel' in his handle"
"An over the hill white guy with 'Shizzel' in his handle"

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The video trailer for my newest book, Scabs II: The Quantum Connection. You should check it out. It's weird. Like you. #Scabs #ScabsII

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US Air Force Academy Chapel.
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Replaced our M7 phones with MXPEs.

What are best ROMs for the M7s?

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I think I may not be a conservative, politically, anymore. On just too many issues, I disagree either completely or partially with most conservatives, and find myself largely in agreement with liberals.
I don't think I'll be able to cast my votes straight ticket Republican anymore as I have in the past.

Gay marriage: It doesn't affect me, and I can't see myself as opposed to it based on a 4000 year old code of behavior written by agrarian peoples.

Health Care: I don't like the way the ACA was pushed on us. That being said, there is more in favor of it than against it, so on balance, I think I support the intent. I hope that some aspects can be fixed, but I can't be against health care for everyone.

Taxes: Face it -- if you're in the middle class, you're paying the lion's share of the taxes. Those below and those above the middle class just aren't big enough to pay for everything. The middle class is. Across the board tax cuts are fair if you are a calculator or a spreadsheet, but not so much in the real world. There is a reason for progressive taxes. Look, ANY other tax plan that gets set up will still pull the vast majority of its funds from the middle class -- there's no escaping it.

Marijuana - not for kids. Everyone else should have access, first medically, and then recreationally. Employers should, as with alcohol, screen for work sobriety, but not penalize private use on an employee's personal time.

Abortion - I hate it. And, truth be told, is probably why most people who are compelled to identify as conservative do so. It should be rare as all hell, but it is lawful and won't go away. It is a very personal decision by the mother, but I completely understand what a bible believing (casting no aspersions) Christian feels. Anguish.

Foreign affairs -- we should become the new Switzerland. We do this by gaining energy independence and just not participating in the global energy market in any fashion. If someone else wants to fight for oil, have at it. We should be outta that business. In the meantime, we should move forward with SDI/Star Wars (which we used to fake out the Soviets), and fully develop space based defenses. Iran and Isis problems go away once we can pop anyone or anything on the planet from orbit. As a Roosevelt said once "Walk softly, but carry a big stick"...

Politics -- we need to stop looking at the letter after someone's name; instead, we need to look at the policies and records if the people who are after our vote.

Racism -- hey, all us old racist farts will die off eventually. We just need to stop teaching that crap to our kids, and we need to stop ignoring it when we see it expressed around us.

Social Security/Medicare -- ok, I'm turning 60 in a few weeks. The system from which I retired was based on the so-called entitlement programs that are the first target of the budgetary reformers. Where should the age cutoff be? How will it be funded in the future? I don't know. It's a hard issue, and I personally have a retirement plan that includes both savings and entitlements. So, don't take mine, ok?

Israel -- give 'em a remote control for the lasers above, and then let 'em work it out with their neighbors.

So, with my mix of convictions and opinions, I don't think I'll call myself a conservative anymore.

Let the flames begin.

#HTCOneM7  Vzw - Running CM10.2.1-RC. What  can I do to a) improve battery life, and b) have it run cooler?  CPU governor? Better ROM that addresses those?

I loaded the CM11 benchmark for August, and the first time I used the GPS, the dang thing overheated and wouldn't come back on until I stuck it in front of the A/C vent for 5 minutes.

Restored the 10.2.1RC, of course. Did a complete reset and just loaded the core software I need - no adware -- all $$ apps.


Cop to protester in #Ferguson:
Bad: "I will f*cking KILL you!"
Better: "I will make you FAMOUS!"

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Muricah! We lead, always! 

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Ta FAH??? 

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Got my green lawn -- 1st in the neighborhood -- spring is here. (Ignore the dead palm tree -- victim of Polar Vortex I and II).
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