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daylily x
"Hey mom I'm not emo anymore"
"Hey mom I'm not emo anymore"

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hey guys I'm mikaela and welcome to my profile

basically what you'll see here are memes and shitposts

i'm still really emo so like you're going to see posts about fall out boy, my chemical romance, and panic! at the disco

i actually listen to a lot of pop punk regularly (neck deep, knuckle puck, the story so far, state champs, waterparks)

I also listen to others (against the current, pvris, too close to touch, issues, the front bottoms, car seat headrest)

recommend me artists if you want and I'll prolly give them a listen

I watch infinityonhannah, artv, and Jarrod alonge on YouTube and that's basically it (the only yters I watch above 1m are Pyrocynical and Jacksfilms lol)

follow me on:

Wattpad → @totally-rad-alien
Instagram→ @neckdeepinangst
→ @frerard.flops (satire account making fun of frerard)
Twitter → @mikaela_lf (actually I forgot so if that's not, whoops)
Snapchat → lol die

contact me on hangouts I'll prolly reply I'm sorry I'm really bad at that

ALSO if you're wondering who the fuck I am I used to be
• mickey the majestical phangirl of death
• øde tø cats
• my taste in music is yøur bass
• totally rad™
• totally rad™ (n totally bad)

you can see all the phases I've been through its gross
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I haven't been here in like, a year, not really but it feels like a year and wow this place is exactly the same but different at the same time im so emo
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I'm gonna like. Redo everything ok
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I've been gone for so long who is everyone
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Hey kids
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yes i am a pythagorean theorist
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