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#tags for your online library
#tags for your online library

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#Mundaneum - below infographic explains how Paul Otlet set out to catalogue the world. Today, each author or publisher can #tag contributions when sharing them via social media.

Why should authors and publishers be doing this? Check #sdt09c and #aaaa130 #SDGs

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Raising of sheep and goats ( #isic0144 ) and library activities ( #isic9101) ?
Pam Sandlian Smith tells us how.

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First in a series about innovative uses of #hashtags.

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A brief tutorial about #WWlgu  hashtags
How to find the unique one for your community?

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#WWlgu and #SDGs hashtags have also been defined for your country.

Check them out via
Sustainable development in the Philippines

Here are key hashtags to use and look for!

#sdgPH   #PHlgu   #isicPH   #cofogPH   #LocalizingSDGs   #WWlgu   #SDGs   #opendata  

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Collaboration in enterprise architecture is important and pdfs are not fit channels for supporting the collaboration. This post makes the point, yet the solution direction proposed - to do it in-tool - is one of many possibilities. How about using a free tool such as Archi, and publishing the models via wiki, intra-enterprise or to the public ?

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The #SDGs and the #AddisAbabaActionAgenda  are overlooking an important gap in the prevailing knowledge economy institutions.

What is your opinion?

#a4g   #aaaa130  

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If you are interested in the sustainable development goals - #sdgs  and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, this page about #socialarchitecture   may be of interest to you
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