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Just our of sheer curiosity, why does Google+ have to copy Facebook in so many ways. I'm ofcourse talking about the 5,000 users (friends) in your circle limit which Google+ so blatantly copies. Why can't that number be 4,000 or 6,000 or 10,000 even?
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That would still be copying, no? What difference does that number make?
+Ranjani Krishnakumar Ofcourse it would be copying, but so obviously and so blatantly is unlike Google. Btw, didn't understand your second question though.
No. I meant. Whether it is 4000 or 6000 doesn't matter because restricting the number of friends is copying in itself. That way, the number (4K, 6K or 10K) doesn't make a difference.
i agree with you Ranjani Krishnakumar the no. is not a reason
since it copies the concept of adding friends without a limit.........
You already get 5000 users in your circle Preetham ?
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