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Rachel Ludkin

I have been working towards changing my lifestyle for about 6 weeks now. The advice and tips sent through on the weekly emails has been amazing!

There are so many small changes that add up to bigger changes without me even noticing. These small changes are not ones that were immediately obvious to me, but once I put then into practice made so much sense!

The nutritional advice on the weekly emails are fantastic, and I particularly like the food lists...! These have been invaluable in helping me to make a better choice about which I should eat, handy hints about what I can eat plenty of and what I should be avoiding! A few of these I was pleasantly surprised at!

The support throughout has been great, without being overbearing! Knowing someone is there to give advice and help when I have questions is just brilliant!

For someone like me, who has never like the idea of sitting in a fat club and talking about food, this is perfect and fits into a busy lifestyle easily!

I have felt so much better since starting this, my body seems to have appreciated the changes made, and is feeling much better! I felt more energised and much less tired along with the added bonus of losing a few lbs! I loved the fact that it's not a 'going cold turkey' type diet fad.... It's about make gradual changes over time, and you soon don't even notice them, this means your body doesn't suddenly crave the things you used to eat out of habit, and you find yourself craving different and better foods!
Sarah Jackson
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